CZ Shooting Team Reaps an Avalanche of Medals

14.05.2018 North America
CZ Shooting Team Reaps an Avalanche of Medals

CZ Shooting Team Reaps an Avalanche of Medals

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This year, the first weekend in May brought members of the CZ Shooting Team a deluge of medals. Altogether, they won a fantastic nine medals in three international IPSC competitions.   And what is more, all of the nominated shooters wearing Česká zbrojovka colors appeared on the podium! 


The team won the largest number of medals in the Mosquito Match event, which took place between 5th and 6th May 2018 in Komárno. In this event, members of the CZ Shooting Team secured most of the winning places, with Ljubiša Momčilovič and Robin Šebowinning gold and silver in the Production Division, and Josef Rakušan, Zdeněk Liehneand Petr Znamenáček taking gold, silver and bronze in the Standard Division. Martina Šerá showed great form in the Open Division, achieving a gold medal in the Lady category and finishing sixth in the overall score of both men and women.


Another successful event was the Mediterranean Extreme Open, which was held between5th and 7th May 2018 in Rhodos, Greece.  Michal Štěpán triumphed in the Production Division, winning by a margin of more than 14% over the others, Miroslav Havlíčekexcelled in the Open Division, by a margin of 10%.


The third competition where the gold medal went to a CZ representative was the Kresna Eagle Extreme in Depok. It took place between the 5th and 6th May 2018 near the Malaysian capital, Jakarta. Robin Černigoj, a Slovenian member of the CZ Shooting Team won a gold medal in the Production Division with a margin of a superb 18% over the second placed Busro from Indonesia.


Naturally, weapons from CZ played a huge role in these successes of the CZ Shooting Team. The CZ Shadow 2 pistols were the weapon of choice in the Production Division, the CZ 75 Tactical Sports pistols were used in the Standard Division and the CZ 75 Czechmate pistols were put into action in the Open Division. For the CZ Shooting Team it has been an absolutely fantastic start of the new shooting season.  


Jakub Sondel, Head of Sport & Display Team in CZ said: “A huge thank you goes to all members of the Shooting Team for such excellent results. I am glad that we have begun the new shooting season with great success and we look forward to future events. There will be the 10th year of the CZ Extreme Euro Open in Hodonice near Znojmo, a very popular international event, as well as three continental events in Thailand, South Africa and Jamaica. I firmly believe that we will do the maximum we can to be well prepared to return with great scores.”

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