Second Batch of UAE Armed Forces to Depart to Yemen

05.11.2015 UAE
Second Batch of UAE Armed Forces to Depart to Yemen

WAM; Gulf News; File Photo

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A second batch of UAE Armed Forces’ soldiers is preparing to participate in the Arab coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia and assume their new tasks in Yemen, national news agency WAM reported.

The General Command of the UAE's Armed Forces has said that the first batch of its brave soldiers will return to the homeland after being replaced with the second force to carry out its duties in Yemen.

The replacement of the first batch comes after it achieved several victories, including the liberation of the historical city of Marib and Marib Dam, which was rebuilt by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said last week that he sees the Yemen war nearing its end.

“I am confident that the Yemeni conflict has entered its final stage, and I’m optimistic,” he said.

“There are indications that the war in Yemen is entering a final phase. The legitimate government forces are now in control of the vast majority of Yemeni territory. There still remain some areas that need to be liberated including Sanaa, but the trend is moving in the right direction,” the Saudi Minister said.

“The Houthis and the Yemenis have every right to be part of the Yemen political process, we have said that from the very beginning. The only thing they cannot have is a privileged position because that would distinguish them from other Yemenis and that would not be fair. And they cannot have a militia outside of the institutions of the state,” he added.



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