1st Mobile SATCOM Toolkit Launched

08.02.2012 Security
1st Mobile SATCOM Toolkit Launched

1st Mobile SATCOM Toolkit Launched

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Harris Corporation and Coolfire Solutions, LLC announced the availability of Reconn™ - the first SATCOM toolkit in one handheld device designed to locate, acquire, and sustain any SATCOM link.

The mobile device's small size and light weight make it ideal for conducting missions in remote and terrain-challenged environments.

The Reconn mobile SATCOM toolkit enhances operator effectiveness and significantly reduces training time and costs by leveraging user-friendly applications that run on a smartphone connected to the Reconn hardware.

Reconn integrates all tools and capabilities required by SATCOM operators, including a spectrum analyzer, power meter, LNB tester, and multimeter — all in a single package weighing less than 8 pounds. SATCOM Operators currently must use multiple devices, with different interfaces and greater weight.

"Reconn brings SATCOM to your smartphone," said Sheldon Fox, Group President, Harris Government Communications Systems.

"By combining all the necessary tools into one kit and streamlining operations into simple workflows on a touch screen, this device makes SATCOM operations much more user-friendly, and enables information to be readily shared with engineering and support personnel," Fox added.

"Reconn is a huge leap forward in SATCOM testing and operations," said Tom Cox, President, Coolfire Solutions™.

"It includes almost every tool and capability needed by a SATCOM operator. Users will be able to set up, activate, monitor and troubleshoot a satellite communications link anywhere in the world without having to take months of engineering classes. Ultimately, our goal is to make it easy for anyone familiar with a smartphone to set up a satellite link, and to be able to carry this capability in their laptop bag," he added.

As part of the joint development effort, Harris and Coolfire Solutions™ expect to evolve the integration of hardware and software applications to further enhance the SATCOM usability of mobile devices.

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