Boeing offers $1.5bn F/A-18E/F offset package to Brazil

13.08.2009 Aviation

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Boeing has said that it will transfer USD1.5 billion worth of F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter technology under a direct offset obligation to Brazil, should the aircraft be selected to fulfil the country's F-X2 programme requirement.

On 11 August, a spokeswoman told Jane's: "Our current planned level of direct investment into Brazilian aerospace is USD1.5 billion, and that "the transfer is an offset that would begin very shortly after a contract is signed".

She added that "specific details about the offset proposal are considered sensitive", but that the offset projects will "transfer technology related to military design and production; provide autonomy in key areas of programme support; and develop a broad Brazilian aerospace industry beyond just fighter aircraft through direct involvement with Boeing".

The F-X2 programme will initially cover the acquisition of 36 fighter aircraft (with the possibility of extending this number to 120 in total) to replace the Brazilian Air Force Mirage 2000C, F-5BR and AMX A-1A aircraft when they retire from service. It is valued at approximately USD3.5 billion for the acquisition of the aircraft alone.


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