Thales Systems onboard the A380

30.10.2009 Aviation & Space

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Air France today took reception of its first A380 aircraft, the largest passenger jet in the world. This super-sized aircraft - capable of carrying 855 passengers, but carrying only 538 in the Air France version - is at the forefront of innovation in aviation, displaying a superior design that combines unparalleled size and might with aesthetics and grace.


The wings alone on this record-breaking super jet each measure 845m². The A380 also boasts 50 percent more floor surface than any other high capacity aircraft, giving passengers space to relax in what is the quietest cabin of any airliner currently in service.

Thales is a long-standing Airbus partner, and the main supplier of the A380’s cockpit display systems – its technology can be found throughout the aircraft’s avionics system, covering navigation, flight controls, electrical power systems and utilities such as braking systems and door management* systems. The A380’s passenger doors are for the first time ever electronically controlled instead of mechanically operated. Within the cabin, the company provides state-of-the-art lighting systems and Inflight Entertainment systems.

Thales systems comprise a significant percentage of the electronics onboard the A380 and as such the company plays a significant role in bringing the aircraft to market. An average of 350 Thales employees per year worked on developing systems onboard the A380 over a period of five years.

Thales in addition supplied the A380 with a state-of-the-art full flight simulator for crew training. Innovative Thales solutions give crews on the A380 all the onboard intelligence they need for flying the aircraft, and the company’s expertise in simulation and air traffic management provides the breadth of vision required to further develop optimum solutions for this aircraft of the future.




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