Panhard’s Dagger PVP Offers Ultimate Vehicle Crew Safety

07.09.2015 Aviation & Space
Panhard’s Dagger PVP Offers Ultimate Vehicle Crew Safety

Panhard’s Dagger PVP Offers Ultimate Vehicle Crew Safety

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Recently, the Dagger PVP (“small protected vehicle”) has demonstrated its ballistic resistance in protecting vehicle crews. It is the best protected vehicle in its class.

The Dagger PVP is a 5.5-ton light armored liaison/command vehicle produced by Panhard General Defense. Its small size and 4x4 military chassis give it excellent urban and off-road mobility.

Its armored hull, with its very high mass efficiency composite armor, is the best there is in this weight class in terms of ballistic and blast protection.

The versatile Dagger PVP is also an excellent homeland security vehicle (Law enforcement PVP) or light armored personnel carrier (APC PVP).

PVPs have recently been exposed both to mine blasts, in March 2015 on two occasions during the Barkhane operation, and to direct intense firing in June 2015 in an ambush on Chilean Police. During these three clashes, the crews were protected by the vehicle's strength.

More than 1,200 PVP vehicles are in service with the French army and in countries in Europe, South America and Africa.

VOLVO GROUP GOVERNMENTAL SALES is in charge of Defense, Security activities and Emergency services within the Volvo Group, with the following brands: RENAULT TRUCKS Defense, ACMAT Defense, PANHARD Defense, VOLVO Defense and MACK Defense. VOLVO GROUP GOVERNMENTAL SALES is a leading player in the field of wheeled military and security vehicles.

RENAULT TRUCKS Defense, one of three participants in the Joint Venture (GME) which was awarded the Scorpion contract by the Minister of Defense on 5 December 2014, is to participate in the development of the French Army's new generation of front-line vehicles Griffon and Jaguar.

RENAULT TRUCKS Defense is in particular responsible for supplying the powertrains for these two vehicles, and for providing the whole supply chain for the spare parts and components of the Scorpion program.



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