STM Showcases Naval Projects & Tactical Mini-UAVs in Poland & Azerbaijan

07.09.2022 Asia
STM Showcases Naval Projects & Tactical Mini-UAVs in Poland & Azerbaijan

STM Showcases Naval Projects & Tactical Mini-UAVs in Poland & Azerbaijan

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STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş., which has played a key role in the significant progress seen in the field of defence in the past couple of years in Turkey, offers critical solutions in such areas as naval platforms, tactical mini-UAV systems and cyber security.  Under the leadership of the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), STM continues to export the experience it has accumulated in meeting domestic needs to friendly and allied nations through cooperation and technology transfer agreements.

STM is attending two notable fairs in Europe and Asia where it is showcasing its military naval projects and tactical mini UAV systems. One of the leading defence fairs in the Southern Caucasus and Central Asian region, the Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Fair (ADEX 2022) is held at the Baku Expo Center on 6–8 September, 2022. At ADEX 2022, which is being held for the fourth time this year, STM is presenting İstif (I)-Class MİLGEM - the first national frigate of Türkiye, the small-sized national submarine STM500, the STM-MPAC Multı-Purpose Attack Craft, the rotary-wing attack UAV system KARGU, the fixed-wing attack UAV system ALPAGU and the surveillance UAV system TOGAN to participants.

Meanwhile, one of the leading defence fairs in Europe, the Polish International Defence Fair (MSPO), is held in Kielce, Poland on 6–9 September, 2022. STM is exhibiting the MİLGEM İstif-Class Frigate, the MİLGEM Ada-Class Corvette, the Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker (PNFT), and Tactical mini UAV systems KARGU, ALPAGU and TOGAN at MSPO.

STM is engaged in collaborations, technology transfer and business development activities in more than 20 countries, from South America to the Far East. As part of its design, construction and modernization activities, STM produces flexible indigenous engineering solutions for the surface and submarine platforms of Turkey, a NATO member with one of the most active navies in the world, and for the navies of friendly and allied nations, to address specific needs and ensure more effective mission performance. The systems being used successfully in the field by the Turkish Navy are being exported overseas by STM as quality, affordable and modern engineering solutions.

STM, with its long-term service support and indigenously developed weapon systems, makes a difference by rendering its products and capabilities available to national navies even while under embargoes.

The attack and surveillance UAV systems developed by STM using its own engineering and technological capabilities are being used to full effect by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) for the provision of border security, as well as in international operations. A leading and competitive producer both in Turkey and around the world in the field of tactical mini UAV development, STM’s product range consists of Fixed-Wing Loitering Tactical Attack UAV System ALPAGU, Rotary-Wing Attack UAV System KARGU and Autonomous Multi-Rotor Reconnaissance UAV System TOGAN.

KARGU, which has been in TAF's inventory since 2018, achieved its first export in 2021, and negotiations are under way with several different countries that have stated an interest in the product.  ALPAGU on the other hand, stands out with its light structure, its dive speed, its low radar cross-section, its speed and its ability to cause point damage against key targets. Having completed live-fire tests, ALPAGU will soon be delivered to TAF.

As for the rotary-wing surveillance UAV system “STM TOGAN”, developed by STM using national resources, the first deliveries have taken place. STM TOGAN, which will be used in reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence missions, assumed its duties in the Turkish Security Forces. Developed by STM with national means, and capable of launching ammunition, the UAV BOYGA has successfully completed its acceptance tests and has been delivered to the security forces.

STM has been serving the Turkish defence sector for over a quarter of a century in such areas as engineering, technology and consultancy, working in fields that are critical for Turkey and its allies. It applies its advanced capabilities and technologies to a broad range of strategic fields, ranging from naval platforms to tactical mini UAV systems, from satellite works to cybersecurity, and from big data analytics to artificial intelligence applications.



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