Allen-Vanguard, Hyperion to Deliver Mixed Reality JTAC Trainer for Middle Eastern Customer

13.06.2024 Europe
Allen-Vanguard, Hyperion to Deliver Mixed Reality JTAC Trainer for Middle Eastern Customer

Allen-Vanguard, Hyperion to Deliver Mixed Reality JTAC Trainer for Middle Eastern Customer

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Allen-Vanguard, best known for providing customised technology solutions for defeating Radio Frequency (RF) based terrorist and extremist threats, has partnered with Hyperion, experts in developing innovative technology-based defence solutions, to deliver a world class mixed reality Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) trainer for a Middle Eastern customer.

Allen-Vanguard has vast experience in creating successful partnerships to drive forward complex technology integrations to deliver novel capability and they also have a wealth of experience in the Middle East. Hyperion has deep expertise in Joint Fires support and training, simulation and the establishment and delivery of modern training solutions for defence organisations. Together, they have developed a cutting edge accreditable JTAC training solution that provides a fully immersive mixed reality training environment to efficiently and effectively deliver complex joint fires training for JTAC students.

The solution is a mobile, trailer-based system, incorporating Varjo’s XR-4 Focal Edition headset allowing the trainee to be fully immersed in the virtual environment, whilst being able to interact with their real equipment.  This innovative system provides a more effective training solution, than live or dry controls alone.   The system aims to be amongst the first to achieve Joint Fires Support Executive Steering Committee (JFS ESC) accreditation for a Battlespace Simulations Inc. (BSI) Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) and Augmented Reality Mission Observation and Rehearsal (ARMOR) software combination.  This new joint Allen-Vanguard/Hyperion JTAC training solution is truly revolutionary in both the technology used and training methodology applied.

Bobby Strawbridge, Director Business Development for Allen-Vanguard said: “We at Allen-Vanguard are increasingly finding ourselves working alongside other sector experts to help deliver the best possible in-theatre capabilities to meet the needs of our customers.  Whether defeating the RF threat or countering other capabilities, maximizing the benefits of rapidly advancing technology is vital to maintain the battle winning edge.  We are extremely pleased to be working with Hyperion on this project and very impressed with the JTAC training capability we have produced together.”

Chris Derbyshire, Co-Founder and Director at Hyperion said: “Working with Allen-Vanguard has been an excellent experience and collectively we have produced a supremely flexible mobile training facility which using ARMOR software allows instructors and students to draw upon accurate worldwide data to generate terrain for anywhere on earth in minutes; thus providing the user with the greatest possible flexibility to train where and when they want in all possible scenarios.”

Allen-Vanguard is a leader in providing customized solutions for defeating Radio Frequency (RF) based terrorist and extremist threats, these include the continued global threat posed by Radio Controlled IEDs (RCIEDs) and the increasing prevalence of Drones (Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)) used for both nuisance and more lethal means.  Defence Forces, Public Safety & Security agencies around the world trust our capability solutions to provide integrated capabilities to help save lives every day.

All of Allen-Vanguard’s capabilities are developed and delivered in conjunction with domain knowledge experts and intimate support is provided by out Field Service Representatives who are subject matter experts in the field of RF protection systems. Their front-line experience in combat theatres, law enforcement and intelligence ensures that customers receive the analysis, advice, training and support necessary to foresee and prevent current and emerging threats.

Users worldwide trust Allen-Vanguard capabilities for protection of personnel and facilities to ensure safe and secure freedom of movement as they complete their dangerous missions.

Hyperion are experts in developing innovative technology-based defence and security solutions that support their clients in meeting the demanding needs of all current and future operating environments.  With deep expertise in Joint Fires Support and Training Development, the founders of Hyperion Defence Solutions have unrivalled experience in the establishment, delivery and management of Joint Close Air Support programmes built on a foundation of successful careers in the British Army.



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