Australia Orders New Thales Bushmasters

Thales04.07.2012 Australia
Australia Orders New Thales Bushmasters

Australia Orders New Thales Bushmasters

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Thales Australia has welcomed the Australian Government’s announcement today that it will purchase an additional 214 Bushmaster vehicles for the Australian Army.

Thales Australia CEO Chris Jenkins said the announcement was a tremendous expression of confidence in the vehicle, and in the ability of Australian industry to deliver life-saving capability to the Australian Defence Force.

“Bushmaster vehicles are proving their worth every day in Afghanistan under some of the harshest conditions imaginable. The vehicle’s life-saving design, off road mobility and reliability have made it a mainstay of Australian operations”, said Chris Jenkins.

With a road cruise speed of 100km/h, the Bushmaster transports troops, quickly and comfortably and is suitable for deployment in complex, diffuse and lethal operational environments such as Iraq. The Bushmaster family of vehicles provides high-level protection against anti-tank mines, improvised explosive devices, mortar fragments and small arms fire.

The first of 300 Bushmaster vehicles was delivered to the Australian Army in August 2004 and the vehicle was operationally deployed to Iraq in April 2005 and Afghanistan in September 2005. Deliveries completed in 2008.

In December 2006, the Australian Army ordered a further 143 vehicles. In August 2007, the procurement of another 250 vehicles was announced by the Australian Army and a further 293 vehicles were ordered in October 2008. Total procurement for Australia is 737 vehicles.


Sources: Thales; Army Technology


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