ELTA Becomes a Subsidiary of ECA AEROSPACE

05.12.2016 Europe
ELTA Becomes a Subsidiary of ECA AEROSPACE

ELTA Becomes a Subsidiary of ECA AEROSPACE

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Towards strengthening its Aerospace division, ECA Group announced that it has finalized the acquisition of ELTA from AREVA TA and AREVA S.A.

Located in Toulouse, ELTA reported revenue of €15.6 million in 2015, with a workforce of 92 employees. It strengthens the Aerospace division of ECA, also located in Toulouse.

The skills and expertise of ELTA are structured around three major areas: secure electronic systems, radio transmission and measurement.

ELTA applies its expertise in:

  • Aerospace, offering a range of equipment for aircraft: emergency locator beacons, for which ELTA is one of the key players worldwide, connectivity and energy conversion equipment;
  • Space, where ELTA provides ground stations and balloon systems (platform gondola combined with ground station), together with electronic equipment (mainly radio frequency, microwave and signal processing equipment).

ELTA will strengthen ECA’s aerospace expertise through its activities and experience in on-board equipment, but also through its expertise in the fields of radio frequency and radio navigation. In addition, ECA now gains operations in the field of space, an area where several companies within the Group could promote their expertise. Lastly, ELTA's solutions are rolled out to hundreds of airlines, which significantly expands the Group's sales network among aircraft operators.

Accordingly, there are multiple synergies between ECA and ELTA, both from a technological and commercial perspective. This new entity will enable the Group to:

  • Promote ECA’s specific skills in embedded equipment to major aerospace manufacturers
  • Develop a more comprehensive offer in the space industry, specifically the ground support and on-board sectors
  • Market ECA’s test, repair and maintenance equipment to five times more airlines worldwide
  • Promote ELTA’s expertise to ECA’s major clients
  • Pool the technological expertise and solutions of ECA and ELTA with a view to developing future product ranges.

ELTA becomes a subsidiary of ECA AEROSPACE and will enjoy the support of this company, which pools certain support functions (business development, HR, finance, etc.) within the Aerospace division.

In the Aerospace sector ECA Group offers a comprehensive array of innovative solutions for both the military and civilian aviation industries. Drawing on new technology such as automation and robotics ECA Group supports major airlines, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) centers.

The ECA Group’s complete aerospace offer will be presented at the International Paris Air Show from 19-25 June 2017.

The ECA Group is renowned for its expertise in robotics, automated systems, simulation and industrial processes. Since 1936, it has been developing complete innovative technological solutions to perform complex missions in hostile or restrictive environments.

Its products are used by a demanding international clientèle requiring the highest levels of safety and efficiency, mainly in the sectors of defense, maritime, aerospace, simulation, energy and industrial equipment.

In 2015, the Group reported revenue of 105.2 Million € for its three Departments: Robotics, Aerospace and Simulation.



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