Patria Showcases 6x6 Vehicle & Other Products at DSEI

15.09.2021 Europe
Patria Showcases 6x6 Vehicle & Other Products at DSEI

Patria Showcases 6x6 Vehicle & Other Products at DSEI

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Patria is attending the DSEI Exhibition, currently taking place at Excel London from 14-17th September 2021. Patria is showcasing its 6x6 vehicle platform which has been chosen to the joint program by Finland and Latvia. Patria’s Intelligence and Surveillance portfolio is also on display.

Patria 6x6 is a versatile troop carrier providing users with a spacious interior, good visibility and easy operation. It provides high tactical mobility and agile off-road mobility with high degree of survivability. It can be adapted to various combat support roles by a specific version kit and it can be equipped with various weapon systems. Patria 6x6 is modular, high-performance but at the same time simple, robust and affordable to provide this tactical capability in larger fleet quantities.

Finland and Latvia have agreed on a joint program for sustained army mobility enhancement to which Patria delivers 6x6 vehicle chassis platform. The vehicle deliveries will start already this year. The program is also open for other countries by the mutual consent of Finland and Latvia.

Patria 6x6 HAPC (Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier) variant is a combat ready, modular high-performance troop transporter for modern infantry capable of providing effective fire support. It is equipped with enhanced situational awareness and C3I systems. Optional protection level 4 against ballistic threats, mine protection and wide range of other modular options enable optimized fulfilment of customer needs and requirements.

The vehicle is equipped with Cockerill CLWS (Cockerill Light Weapon Station) which is a lightweight, modular, stabilized remote weapon system. CLWS offers significant firepower through a wide range of alternative weapons and calibers such as 25 mm, 30x113 mm, 12,7 mm, 7,62 mm coaxial machine gun, rockets, and anti-tank guided missiles. The turret has 140 rounds (25mm) of ammunition ready for firing and 200 rounds for the optional coaxial machine gun make it an ideal system for missions requiring high mobility.

Patria’s life cycle services are provided together with local partners ensuring local industrial development and customer in-country readiness requirements. Customer proximity and local service delivery are ensured by Patria’s proven Strategic Partnership Concept that can be adapted to each country’s defense forces local requirements. The concept enables a trusted and close cooperation between industry and defense in peace, crisis and ultimately also during war time.

Patria MUSCL is a passive radar system providing resilient, covert and easily deployable air surveillance in standalone mode as well as in networked mode using multiple MUSCL stations. The system provides affordable area and point surveillance for various applications such as military air surveillance, border control, critical infrastructure protection and drone detection.

Patria ARIS and Patria ARIS-E are remotely operable ELINT systems for interception, recording and analysis of modern and increasingly complex signal environment.

Patria CRAWLR is a cyber intelligence software product providing targeted and discrete information gathering from a wide range of sources, including websites, social media and the dark web.

Patria CANDL provides a single data link solution for communications requiring high reliability, such as UAS payload data and C2. It enables air-to-air and air-to-ground Ad Hoc Networking as well as relaying for BLOS capability, thus enabling capabilities such as MUMT - Manned Unmanned Teaming - and LVC - Live Virtual Constructive – training.

Patria SONAC DTS is an ASW Sonar system offering both active and passive modes of operation with two separate wet-end sub-systems, VDS and TAS, which can be used simultaneously.

Patria SONAC ACS acoustic mine sweep is specially designed for sweeping influence mines with advanced acoustic triggering. Its compact, lightweight size is designed for use with unmanned craft.

Patria is an international provider of defense, security and aviation life cycle support services, pilot training and technology solutions. Patria has several locations including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Estonia and Spain. Patria is owned by the State of Finland (50.1%) and Norwegian Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (49.9%). Patria owns 50% of Norwegian Nammo, and together, these three companies form a leading Nordic defense partnership.


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