Airborne Systems: Parachute Training Facility

12.05.2010 North America

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Airborne Systems, a world leader in parachute systems,  is to open a new Tactical Parachute Training Facility (TPTF) at Eloy Municipal Airport, Eloy, Arizona, USA.

Elizabeth Johnson, Airborne Systems Senior Vice-President Customer Business Team - North America, said: “We currently carry out training specifically focussed on our products. However, the TPTF will allow us to expand our training portfolio by offering our customers a solution to their training proficiency needs.”

“Many military organizations have difficulty maintaining parachute proficiency due to the constraints of the environment, inability to obtain military airframe support and operational commitments.  We hope to attract military organizations from all over the world to our Arizona facility. As with much of the equipment used by today’s modern warfighter, specialist skills and training is crucial to the mission and the new center will enable Airborne Systems to provide first-class training.”

Among the products for which training will be provided by experienced instructors is the Guided Precision Aerial Delivery System (GPADS), which delivers heavy cargo from high altitude to troops on the ground.

In addition to GPADS training, the TPTF will also provide a high-quality training environment for HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) ram-air personnel parachutes and HAHO (High Altitude High Opening) parachute systems operations, canopy control and oxygen training.

The facility will also be used to train the very latest in parachute technology; the T-11 troop parachute system, the Intruder freefall system and the AS33 low level ram air static line system will all feature at the new facility.

The 5000 sq ft facility at Eloy is expected to be fully operational by September 2010. The TPTF will be able to support up to 12 students. Aircraft support will be contracted from Skydive AZ also located at Eloy together with the vertical wind tunnel if required. Amenities will include classrooms, video viewing facilities, padded parachute packing area and student accommodation.


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