Rheinmetall at the ITEC 2012 Simulation Tradeshow

21.05.2012 North America
Rheinmetall at the ITEC 2012 Simulation Tradeshow

Rheinmetall at the ITEC 2012 Simulation Tradeshow

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With over 2,000 systems in service worldwide, Rheinmetall offers a comprehensive array of products ranging from inexpensive computer-supported training systems to highly advanced full-mission simulators for surface combatants, submarines, land and aerial platforms as well as simulation capabilities for fully networked joint and combined exercises.For over 35 years, Rheinmetall has been supplying the world’s armies, navies and air forces with simulation and training equipment, while continuously striving for improved performance.
A selection of Rheinmetalls’s product portfolio will be on display at ITEC this week (ExCel, London, 22-24 May 2012), one of Europe’s most prestigious simulation technology trade shows.
Rheinmetall has recently been awarded a contract to deliver the Leopard Gunnery Skills Trainer (LGST) and Driving Simulators under the Canadian Leopard 2 A4 Simulators and Trainers program.
Additionally, Rheinmetall has received a contract to deliver 2 Driving Simulators for the 6x6-Vehicle Fuchs 2 from an unspecified customer. The simulators will be equipped with a 6DOF motion system and high-res display system. Specialized databases to both address the specifics of the training area and the vehicle are included under this contract.
Another example of Rheinmetall simulation capabilities is the generic medium-fidelity Demonstrator for Gunnery and Combat (DESUG) which is used for training tank and infantry fighting vehicle crews. The commander’s and gunner’s workstations of a Leopard 2A6 fighting compartment are equipped with original components such as hand controllers and operator interfaces as well as highly authentic interactive replica touch panels.
Rheinmetall will also be showcasing a true-to-life model of the Advanced Network Trainer (ANTares), its mobile tactical training system.
High-tech simulation does not require buildings or containers: it is equally applicable to mobile operations in the field using original equipment and weapons in live combat simulation scenarios. State-of-the-art communications technology and laser duel simulators are at the heart of this cutting edge application. They replicate the effects of live fire from all weapon systems, including small arms and light antitank weapons, tank main armament, howitzers and IFV-mounted automatic cannon. An operations centre records all movements, actions and hits of vehicles and exercise participants as well as radio traffic, enabling comprehensive analysis and assessment of the exercise.
Since 2001 Rheinmetall has been running a major combat training centre of this type on behalf of the German Bundeswehr. In the meantime, the Russian armed forces and a customer in the Middle East have contracted with Rheinmetall to build and operate similar facilities. At ITEC, visitors can inspect individual LIVE combat simulation components at the Rheinmetall stand, including laser duel simulators.


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