DCI: Helicopter Maintenance in France & Abroad

09.07.2013 North America
DCI: Helicopter Maintenance in France & Abroad

DCI: Helicopter Maintenance in France & Abroad

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Greatly involved in helicopter activities for more than thirty years, DCI contributes to the influence of French military air mobility, with technical support services deployed in several Gulf countries and in France.

For over 22 years, DCI has ensured the operational maintenance of Kuwait's French-manufactured helicopters. A total of 27 aircraft are involved (15 Gazelle, 7 Puma and 5 Super Puma). Totally satisfied with the service provided, Kuwait has also entrusted the major overhaul of its Gazelles to DCI, the first of which was delivered recently.

DCI's expertise in maintenance and operational implementation is taking shape with other Gulf countries. Since December 2012, the Qatar Emiri Air Force has entrusted DCI with the operational maintenance of its training aircraft (11 Gazelles).

In France, DCI has created Hélidax on an equal share basis with INAER France. It is the first public-private partnership launched by the French Ministry of Defense in 2008 whose purpose is the supply of helicopter flight hours, for 22 years, for the Army light aviation school in Dax (EALAT).

The contract primarily concerns the availability of modern aircraft and the corresponding maintenance services. 32 of the Helidax aircraft are available every morning for EALAT students. After less than 3 years of operation, Hélidax and the EALAT have exceeded 50,000 flight hours, which is proof of this partnership's efficiency.

In addition to Hélidax, DCI formed a partnership with INAER in 2010 within the scope of a contract relative to the in-service support of EC 145 helicopters. It concerns 51 civil defense and gendarmerie nationale helicopters stationed throughout the French territory (metropolitan France and France's overseas departments and territories).

“Our customers, both in France and abroad, regularly underline the technical skills deployed, commitment to the notion of service and constant availability of DCI teams in these operations demanding extreme professional rigor”, declared Jean-Louis Rotrubin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DCI.

DCI was created in 1972 to assist military equipment sales to foreign countries. Its main mission consisted of providing operational training courses based on the know-how of the French Armed Forces. DCI is an upper medium size service provider in which the French government is the concurring shareholder. DCI now operates throughout the defense and security spectrum. Culturally close to the Ministry of Defense, DCI offers outsourcing services to foreign countries, for:

  • Consulting and assistance throughout the life cycle of armament programs
  • Training engineering in the academic, operational and technical fields

Lastly, DCI and its subsidiaries have been partners of the French Armed Forces for 10 years within the scope of service contracts and are endeavouring to extend their activities to European Union countries.


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