Exelis Naval, Undersea Capabilities at IMDEX Asia 2015

20.05.2015 North America
Exelis Naval, Undersea Capabilities at IMDEX Asia 2015

Exelis Naval, Undersea Capabilities at IMDEX Asia 2015

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Exelis is highlighting a sophisticated portfolio of naval and undersea technologies at the 2015 IMDEX ASIA International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference, May 19-21, at the Changi Exhibition Center in Singapore.

At this largest maritime defense exhibition in Asia Pacific, Exelis is showcasing a range of strategic capabilities to support the evolving naval missions of customers in the region. These include shipboard sonar systems, command and control (C2) and data link technologies, and a complement of advanced manned and unmanned mine defense systems.

Among the key systems on display at the show, Exelis is featuring:

  • Variable-depth sonar solutions such as the Model 980 Active, Low-Frequency Towed Sonar (ALOFTS) system. ALOFTS combines a proven acoustic source with a passive towed array using the most advanced commercial technology and a proven rugged design to counter quiet threats in the littoral or deep ocean. ALOFTS are deployed on the Republic of Singapore Navy’s Formidable class frigates (photo).
  • Hull-mounted sonar systems such as the Model 997, designed to provide maximum performance in search, detection, tracking and classification of targets at the lowest cost and risk. The 997 provides an operationally proven capability for anti-submarine self-defense, excellent self-defense against torpedoes, and the ability to avoid mine-like objects.
  • A shore-based training system based on Exelis ALOFTS and Model 997 sonar technology. The system incorporates all the sonar technology present in a shipboard environment, including the same user consoles. The system allows operators to train comprehensively against active and passive undersea targets in simulated scenarios.
  • The Command Management Information system (CMIS), which provides operators with the tools to succeed in a range of naval missions, from helicopter control to search and rescue. The Exelis CMIS design incorporates cutting-edge hardware, software and significant commercial components and is applicable to a broad range of maritime platforms. The Exelis CMIS is currently deployed with the Norwegian Coast Guard.
  • Advanced moored, magnetic, acoustic and influence minesweeping systems, including the Mechanical Minesweeping System and Combination Influence Sweep system.
  • The Network-Enabled Tactical Link System (NETLS), a state-of-the-art data link buffer, translation and management system that offers real-time, multilink data exchange capability to optimize overall force coordination in a wide variety of missions.

Concurrently, Exelis is also showcasing a range of electronic warfare (EW), intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and analytics (ISR&A) and communications technologies at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), May 19-21 in Tampa, Florida.



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