PHOTONIS Demos 4G Night Vision at AUSA

04.10.2016 North America
PHOTONIS Demos 4G Night Vision at AUSA

PHOTONIS Demos 4G Night Vision at AUSA

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PHOTONIS is demonstrating 4G Night Vision with a Virtual Reality simulator at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) annual general meeting in Washington, USA from 3 to 5 October.

Besides demonstrating the performance advantages of 4G against Gen3 night vision, PHOTONIS is also showcasing its smart day-to-night digital CMOS technology.

4G NIGHT VISION is all about best performance and capabilities for end-users. 4G offers a longer range: see further in low light conditions. 4G provides the highest possible detection range, highest recognition and highest identification capability. Visitors to the PHOTONIS booth can experience these benefits and superior performance of 4G compared to Gen3 using a Virtual Reality simulation.

PHOTONIS’ INTENSTM Image Intensifiers offer extended bandwidth for out of band beacon laser and Friend or Foe beacon detection, ultra-fast Auto-gating, and registers no Halo. These night vision functions are crucial when operating in dynamic urban light conditions. INTENSTM Image Intensifiers are ideal for use under the darkest of mission conditions including deep mountain valleys and jungle terrain.

PHOTONIS is also presenting Batcam, a digital low-light sensor for vehicle applications. New to the digital PHOTONIS line-up at AUSA is FusionSight, a hand held sight that provides a recordable thermal, optical output, or a combination of both for improved detection, identification and recognition from day through to night.

Also on display is the award winning (CIGAT Prix Export) CMOS Night Observation Device (CNOD). Providing clear images from day through to night, CNOD can also detect most lasers currently deployed on the battlefield, visible and infrared and 1.064 laser energy used for joint terminal attack controller operations, at a fraction of the cost of competitive alternatives.


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