Russian Navy to Get 50 Warships, 80 Support Ships

RIA Novosti10.01.2013 Russia
Russian Navy to Get 50 Warships, 80 Support Ships

Russian Navy to Get 50 Warships, 80 Support Ships

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The Russian Navy will get over 50 new warships by 2016, including strategic nuclear submarines and special operations support vessels, the Defense Ministry reported.

“By 2016, the combat strength of the Navy will be replenished with 18 surface warships of various ranks and designation, as well as 30 special-purpose and counter-subversion vessels. It is also planned to put 6 multi-purpose and strategic submarines into operation,” the Ministry said in a statement.

The quality of new generations of surface warships and submarines being built for the Russian Navy will improve with stronger state acceptance control at the shipyards involved in the Navy’s shipbuilding program, the statement said.

“The implementation of the shipbuilding program envisages serial construction along with the introduction of new technical and modernization solutions into each subsequently built warship,” the statement said.

Furthermore, The Russian Navy will receive about 80 support ships within the next three years, the Defense Ministry said on Sunday.

The Navy High Command said different types and classes of support and auxiliary vessels will help enhance the effectiveness of the Navy’s performance in all areas of responsibility.

These will include tugboats, patrol boats, diving boats, modular search and rescue platforms, and floating cranes, the Ministry said.

Russia is currently in the middle of a huge rearmament program, with $660 billion to be spent on arms procurement by 2020, according to the Defense Ministry.


Source: RIA Novosti



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