Russia-US Neck and Neck in Hypersonic Research

RIA Novosti04.10.2013 Russia
Russian-US Neck and Neck in Hypersonic Research

Russian-US Neck and Neck in Hypersonic Research

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Russia and the United States are running neck and neck in their research of hypersonic military technologies, Russia's Deputy PM in charge of the defense industry said earlier this week.
“Both we and the Americans conduct researches about hypersonic technologies, or speed that is more than six times above the speed of sound. This is not a secret, but everything else is. I can tell you that we are running neck and neck with the Americans as far as these technologies are concerned,” Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said in an interview with the Rossiya 1 TV channel.

He added that Russia is the world’s second weapons exporter after the United States and vowed that Russian defense enterprises would increase the quality of their products while keeping prices at an acceptable level.

In August, a Defense Ministry source told RIA Novosti that Russia’s next generation long-range bomber PAK-DA will be armed with hypersonic weapons.

“PAK-DA will be equipped with all advanced types of precision guided weapons, including hypersonic,” the source said, adding that the bomber itself will be subsonic.

Boris Obnosov, General Director of the Tactical Missile Systems Corporation, also revealed that Russia has developed a hypersonic missile. However, he added that although it has been developed, it can only make seconds-long flights.

Lt. Gen. Anatoly Zhikharev, Commander of the Russian Air Force Long-Range Aviation, previously said the first PAK-DA bombers will enter service by 2020.
Source: RIA Novosti


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