Russia’s Signals Troops Start Massive Communications Drills

Sputnik17.03.2015 Russia
Russia’s Signals Troops Start Massive Communications Drills

Russia’s Signals Troops Start Massive Communications Drills

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Units of Russia’s signals troops began on Monday large-scale communications field exercises in nine regions of the Eastern Military District, the district's press service said.

“The drills envision the use of advanced relay broadcast stations, mobile video-conferencing systems, modern radio stations and satellite communications that were put in service with the Eastern Military District in 2014-2015,” the press service said in a statement.

On March 12, Eastern Military District press head Col. Alexander Gordeyev said that a military exercise involving anti-air defense troops started in the region.

Prior to that, on March 3, the district’s press service said that more than 2,500 artillerymen were participating in a major military exercise in Russia's Far East, completing long-distance marches and practicing inter-unit coordination.

In December 2014, the Russian Defense Ministry said it planned to carry out at least 4,000 military drills in 2015.

Meanwhile, the Eastern Military District said Friday that Russian fighter jets and ground support aircraft will practice penetration of “enemy's” air defenses during a month-long exercise in Siberia.

“During the drills Su-30SM fighter jets and Su-25 attack aircraft will practice interoperability in penetration of air defenses and joint attacks on communications networks behind enemy lines,” the district's press service said in a statement.

The month-long drills will involve 2,000 personnel and over 30 aircraft.

Source: Sputnik



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