Russian Su-33 Fighter Jets Hold Drills

Sputnik01.05.2015 Russia
Russian Su-33 Fighter Jets Hold Drills

Russian Su-33 Fighter Jets Hold Drills

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Russian fighter pilots have held tactical training exercises using air-to-air missiles over the Barents Sea, the Head of Russian Defense Ministry's Northern Fleet's press service said.

“Tactical flight exercises using air-to-air missiles were held by pilots from the Northern Fleet's carrier-based fighter aviation regiment. The training was held in a military range for fighter readiness of naval aviation over the Barents Sea. Several Su-33 [Flanker-D] fighters made several dozen flights,” Capt. 1st Rank Vadim Serga said.

Last month, Russian Su-33 fighter jet pilots from the Northern Fleet carried out exercises on target interception and air combat.

Last week, the aviation of the Northern Fleet held anti-ship military exercises in the Barents Sea off the northwestern coast of Russia.

These smaller drills come a month after a large-scale snap inspection of the Northern Fleet. In March, tens of thousands of Russian military personnel, 65 warships, 15 submarines and 16 auxiliary ships took part in week-long drills to test the combat readiness of the Northern Fleet.

Russia is looking to boost its presence in the Arctic after the country's 2014 revised military doctrine included for the first time the protection of national interests in the region.

Source: Sputnik



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