Russia Eyes $15 Billion Arms Exports in 2016

Sputnik12.09.2016 Russia
Russia Eyes $15 Billion Arms Exports in 2016

Russia Eyes $15 Billion Arms Exports in 2016

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Russia plans to export $15 billion worth of weapons this year, Sergey Goreslavsky, the Deputy Head of Rosoboronexport, Russia's state arms exporter, told Sputnik.

“Like last year, we are planning to sell $13 billion worth of weapons. Together with the [Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation] FSMTC’s indicator, the total will amount to $15 billion,” Goreslavsky said on the sidelines of the last week’s Army-2016 military forum.

The Deputy Director said the $7 billion of weapons sold in the past eight months was on schedule.

In another development, the first prototype engine for Russia’s Sukhoi T-50 (PAK FA) fifth-generation fighter will be ready by October, the United Engine Corporation’s spokesperson told Sputnik.

“The first prototype of the PAK FA aircraft’s second-stage engine is in the manufacturing stage. In accordance with the schedule, the date of completing the assembly and starting tests of the first prototype engine is October 2016,” the spokesperson said at the Army-2016 military forum near Moscow.

Current T-50 prototypes are fitted with first-stage “izdeliye 117” turbofan engines from the Saturn aircraft engine manufacturer. The second-stage engines are slated for production next year, ahead of the aircraft’s planned serial production and deliveries in 2018.

The T-50, equipped with advanced avionics and all-digital flight systems, will become the first operational stealth aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Work on the conceptual and technical design of Russia’s next-generation PAK-DA bomber will be finalized by the end of this month, the United Engine Corporation’s spokesperson said.

“Work on the conceptual and technical design of an engine for the PAK-DA will be completed in September,” the spokesperson added.

The Russian Defense Ministry estimates that serial production of the upgraded strategic supersonic bomber fitted with the new engines will begin in 2023. It plans to buy at least 50 of the PAK-DA aircraft. 



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