EADS Military Transport Aircraft

07.07.2007 Products
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With more than 1,000 airplanes sold, Military Transport Aircraft stands prominently in its field. The company builds aircrafts with loads varying from 3 to 37 tonnes, yet the planes can take off and land using short, and unpaved, runways.

The latest development in this type of aircraft is the C-295, designed for tactical medium range transport. Sixty six units of this type were sold. C-295 is a perfect sea patrol and coastal guard plane, thanks to its flight toleration, and lower operational costs. This type of aircraft is capable of performing various roles, thanks to its wide cabin and two back gates. This heavy MTA C-295 plane is anti-submarine because of its strike capability.

The A400M has certain aspects that are superior to its substitutes, such as Hercules C-130, and C-160 Transvaal. It carries heavier loads to longer ranges at higher speeds. The operational competency of MTA relies on various high-capability platforms, and special surveillance and communications instruments making it, thus, an integral part of the Central Network Operations. These characteristics make the C-295 Persuader very reliable.

The A330 MRTT offers a series of solutions in the field of transport and logistic support. This type is a successful tanker capable of supplying fuel to other aircrafts on-flight. Saudi Arabia will buy 3 planes of this type, and UAE will buy three planes, which would be used as transport, on-flight refuelling, and air defence, aircrafts. On-flight refuelling has two methods: A trunk and funnel from a central unit in the plane’s cabin, and an advanced refuelling arm.

British defence ministry signed a 27 years deal with EADS led consortium that aims to supply the Royal Air Force with A330 MRTT planes that are equipped with transport, and on-flight refuelling capabilities. The great success of A330 MRTT proves its exceptional value.


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