TiCAM 90 Helmet Mounted Thermal Night Vision

04.03.2016 Products
TiCAM 90 Helmet Mounted Thermal Night Vision

TiCAM 90 Helmet Mounted Thermal Night Vision

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British company Thermoteknix Systems Ltd has launched new Mil-Spec non-ITAR thermal imagers for variety of applications. The TiCAM Thermal Night Vision series is based on the award-winning Thermoteknix MicroCAM™ thermal imaging core technology.

TiCAM monoculars offer solutions for reconnaissance, border security, VIP protection, counter drug operations, police surveillance, force protection, hunting, search & rescue and border surveillance. TiCAM 90 is a small, lightweight, thermal imaging monocular with a unique scroll wheel for easy operation even when wearing gloves.

Weighing just 150g and running on just 1AA battery for over 4 hours with a 40 degree Field of View, TiCAM 90 is optimised for hand or helmet mount applications. The device can be left or right-mounted or in a binocular configuration and is compatible with all major helmet mounting systems including Spuhr.

TiCAM 90 features patented shutterless XTi Technology® making it completely silent and ultra reliable with no moving parts. Low image latency and 50-60Hz operation ensures high speed fluid imaging. 384x288 and 640x480 17µ resolution options are available. Features include x2 digital zoom, polarity invert, laser pointer and gain control. Video out is available for integration into system level transmission and recording systems.

British company Thermoteknix Systems Ltd is one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of thermal imaging systems. Thermoteknix MicroCAMTM based products are not subject to US ITAR control but may require UK export licence depending on the end-user country and specification.



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