Bittium Introduces Tough VoIP Service™ Software Product

06.04.2016 Products
Bittium Introduces Tough VoIP Service™ Software Product

Bittium Introduces Tough VoIP Service™ Software Product

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Bittium expanded its product portfolio in tactical communications by introducing Bittium Tough VoIP Service (Voice over Internet Protocol) software product.

With the product both fixed data network users and wireless tactical data network users can be connected to the same voice service network.

The voice service network consists of equal VoIP servers that are configured automatically and form both the network and the connections between the users automatically. This creates a distributed service that has survivability, adapts quickly to the changes in the network structure, and enables user mobility within the network without the need to change the configuration.

The service enables calls between the users just like in any other telephone network regardless of where and how the users have been connected to the data network. This significantly improves the capability to lead troops and maintain situational awareness in the quickly changing conditions of the battlefield. Bittium Tough VoIP Service is compatible with Bittium Tough VoIP™ products and Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network™ (TAC WIN) system, as well as with commercial SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) servers and VoIP phones designed for civilian use.

“Bittium Tough VoIP Service is a natural extension to our product portfolio and connects our TAC WIN network solution with our Tough VoIP phone products in our product offering for tactical communications. Bittium Tough VoIP Service seamlessly integrates the tactical network and its voice services for commanding mobile and distributed troops even in the most challenging conditions,” said Harri Romppainen, Vice President of Defense at Bittium.

Bittium Tough VoIP Service product’s operation in the Bittium TAC WIN system and in the Bittium Tough VoIP phones will be demonstrated at the Eurosatory defense exhibition to be held June 13-17, 2016 in Paris, France.

Bittium specializes in the development of reliable, secure communications and connectivity solutions, leveraging its 30 year legacy of expertise in advanced radio communication technologies.

Bittium provides innovative products and customized solutions based on its product platforms and R&D services. Complementing its communications and connectivity solutions, Bittium offers proven information security solutions for mobile devices and portable computers.

In 2015, Bittium’s net sales of continuing operations, was EUR 56.8 million and its operating profit was EUR 2.3 million.


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