Siqura Introduces New Intelligent Security Cameras

10.06.2016 Products
Siqura Introduces New Intelligent Security Cameras

Siqura Introduces New Intelligent Security Cameras

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Siqura introduced their new 1100 Series, a range of intelligent security cameras. These cameras offer an integrated security solution and versatile features that help lower total cost of ownership, and meet the most demanding security requirements. A perfect example of Siqura’s signature blend of high-end hardware and cutting-edge software.

Today’s application environments are quite diverse, which is why the 1100 Series is available in all popular formats. For example, the camera series offers both indoor and outdoor domes - with or without IR capabilities, full pan/tilt/zoom function - and can be housed in the classic bullet and box shapes. This innovative camera range can accommodate fixed as well as flexible installation needs.

The 1100 Series is engineered for seamless integration with other TKH Security Solutions, including VDG Sense, iProtect and other 3rd party products. What is more, the 1100 Series cameras offer competitive benefits for even the most advanced IP video security systems on the market today.

“The introduction of the 1100 Series is a milestone in the world of surveillance security. Never before has so much camera capability been available at such an attractive price. Our team is committed fully to this new line of products. On top of that, we are already planning future firmware upgrades and additional features, to continue to satisfy the needs of our customers,” explained Siqura Sales Director Enrico Dani.

Siqura B.V. is part of TKH Security Solutions, a division of the TKH Group, and is a global surveillance security provider that supplies a variety of CCTV solutions for vertical markets as Marine, Oil & Gas and Mobility industries.  

Siqura offers a complete camera security portfolio that includes IP, explosion-resistant and heat-resistant cameras, video servers/codecs, network video recorders, fiber transmission equipment, video management and video analytics software. The company is known globally for its expertise and quality on-site customer support.

TKH Security Solutions offers a wide range of security systems for access control surveillance (iProtect, FORE!), intrusion detection, video management systems (VDG Sense), security management systems (FlinQ) and Siqura’s video surveillance solutions. 



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