SIGN4L Enhances Homeland Security & Civil Defense in the Middle East

Photo © SIGN4L16.11.2021 Security
SIGN4L Enhances Homeland Security & Civil Defense in the Middle East

SIGN4L Enhances Homeland Security & Civil Defense in the Middle East

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As adversaries become more capable and threats more complex, controlling the spectrum is critical. SIGN4L’s capabilities in electronic, and electromagnetic warfare span all domains – land, sea, air, space and cyberspace.

The company supplies field-proven technology to support all types of law enforcement and government activities. Its advanced and integrated intelligence systems provide the highest level of protection, situational awareness and information superiority in an increasingly complex environment to reinforce community and personnel security. SIGN4L’s offerings include active and passive lawful interception solutions that feature data collection, monitoring and analysis capabilities for fixed and mobile devices, as well as advanced jammer systems to protect against improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and hostile drones.

Homeland security has one mission: to safeguard the nation from the many threats it faces. The field covers many diverse areas – from border defense and prison control to crowd control and counterterrorism. While the application varies, the solutions and technologies remain the same.

For instance, SIGN4L’s ActiveCell intelligence solutions can be deployed to alleviate the operational challenges of prison control. Prison officers need to be able to discover when an unauthorized cell phone is present and determine its location to the precise cell in order to find and seize it. ActiveCell leverages various methods, such as detecting the generation of radiofrequency signals, to locate, trace and identify wireless communications devices inside prisons.

In addition, ActiveCell can be employed during high-profile events to ensure safety of VIPs as well as the general public from terrorist attacks. The easy-to-operate model enables end users to locate and monitor targets, whether predefined or manually entered, and intercept voice calls and data in urban as well as rural environments.

Due to the growth in asymmetric warfare and insurgency across the globe, ground troops and VIP convoys also require sophisticated electronic protection systems to keep them safe from threats that are invisible to the eye, such as IEDs.

The threat of remote-controlled IEDs has increased exponentially over recent years. The ad-hoc production of these devices often makes them the weapons of choice for terrorists and insurgents seeking to disrupt, injure or kill on a large scale.

As the technology used in such attacks develops, so too must the countermeasures used to defeat them. For instance, advanced jamming methods are required to stay one step ahead of the enemy, shifting the balance of power whilst boosting the security of personnel. The ability to adapt quickly, utilizing software-defined architectures in response to these emerging threats, is vital in the continuing fight against terrorism and insurgency.

To tap into the demand for protection against these ever-evolving threats, SIGN4L launched an active and reactive high-power jamming system. Primarily designed to safeguard lives, V-Protect blocks the radio frequency (RF) ignition of an IED once the system detects it, preventing an explosion, saving lives, and avoiding any collateral damage.

Especially suitable for VIPs, presidential guards, diplomats and military personnel that are operating in sensitive and volatile areas, the system continuously transmits jamming signals as the convoy is in transit to form a protective barrier around the vehicle. In the event of multiple threats, such as drone swarms, the integrated solution secures the surrounding airspace as well as the convoy’s route, spanning up to 16 channels to suppress multiple simultaneous trigger signals anywhere in the RF spectrum.

The system can be integrated onto a standard SUV with installation architecture focused on achieving low-profile operation and maximum comfort for passengers. Designed to withstand harsh environmental and road conditions, the solution is ruggedized and meets the operational needs of military as well as homeland security applications.

SIGN4L brings a start-up ethos to designing and producing revolutionary, effective and optimized open-architecture digital and RF-based security products and services for governments and businesses in the region. The company has implemented a rigorous cycle of threat analysis, research and development to monitor, analyses and counter emerging risks.

SIGN4L is part of the Electronic Warfare & Intelligence cluster at EDGE, an advanced technology group that ranks among the top 25 military suppliers in the world. 


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