Iran Unveils New Ground, Air, Naval Combat Products; Reconnaissance Satellite

FNA11.03.2022 Products
Iran Unveils New Ground, Air, Naval Combat Products; Reconnaissance Satellite

Iran Unveils New Ground, Air, Naval Combat Products; Reconnaissance Satellite

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Iran’s Defense Ministry in a ceremony on Saturday unveiled seven new products in the field of ground combat, two in the field of air combat and one in the field of naval combat.

The new products were unveiled in the presence of the Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, Fars News Agency (FNA) reported.

“The goals, policies and strategies set in the field of armaments and the acquisition of advanced military technologies have been well and systematically formulated in the Ministry of Defense and have been achieved by the Iranian Defense Industries Organization,” the Minister said.

He added that these new products will increase the effectiveness of combat operations and accelerate deterrent activities.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force unveiled two missile and drone bases in the presence of IRGC Commander Major General Hossein Salami.

The tunnel bases, built in the heart of high mountains, are home to surface-to-surface missile systems with advanced equipment, as well as offensive drones which are able to penetrate the enemy's radar and defense network systems.

UAVs with a range of 2,000 kilometers, dual-missile launchers and Multiple-UAV launchers are stored at these bases.

IRGC Aerospace Force Commander Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh briefed on the salient measures taken and new achievements of the IRGC Aerospace Force.

This is the first time that IRGC Aerospace Force unveils an underground missile and UAV base.

Lastly, the IRGC Aerospace Force successfully launched a new reconnaissance satellite named ‘Nour-2’ into the orbit on Tuesday.

‘Nour-2’ satellite was sent to the space on the back of the home-built launcher Qassed (messenger) on Tuesday morning and was placed into the orbit at an altitude of 500 km.

The satellite is tasked with reconnaissance, and was placed into the orbit after 480 seconds at the speed of 6.7 km/s.

‘Nour-1’, the first military satellite of Iran, was successfully launched and put into orbit by the Qassed carrier in April 2020. It was placed into the orbit at an altitude of 425km.

In July, the IRGC Aerospace Force released images taken by Nour-1, showing al-Udeid base in Qatar, which hosts thousands of US forces.

The images taken through mosaicking method by Nour-1 Satellite, which was launched successfully on April 22, were high resolution and showed the US biggest airbase in the Middle-East in Qatar which hosts nearly 13,000 American forces.

The IRGC launched the satellite aboard Qassed (Carrier) satellite carrier during an operation that was staged in Dasht-e Kavir, Iran’s sprawling Central desert. The Launcher Qassed is a three-stage launcher using compound solid-liquid fuel.

Iranian officials have always stressed that the country’s military and arms programs serve defensive purposes. 



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