HENSOLDT Quadome: Revolutionising Tactical Surface & Air Surveillance

22.04.2024 Products
HENSOLDT Quadome: Revolutionising Tactical Surface & Air Surveillance

HENSOLDT Quadome: Revolutionising Tactical Surface & Air Surveillance

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The new-generation Quadome 3D surface and air surveillance radar is the latest addition to the HENSOLDT Group’s extensive radar portfolio, featuring new-generation technology that offers advanced situational awareness and extremely short reaction times at a competitive price. The system’s compact size and excellent price-performance ratio is a game changer in the market.

Already selected by one of the foremost navies in the world, its affordability and performance make it a compelling choice for maritime security operations, providing 3D air surveillance and air defence capabilities to vessels that may otherwise only have been fitted with 2D target-detection capability.

Launched for naval applications in 2021 and for land deployment in 2022, Quadome provides naval, military and security authorities with rapid response and high precision.

This multi-mission surveillance and target-acquisition radar features dual-mode operation and active electronically-steered antenna (AESA) technology, enabling rapid detection and tracking of small, slow, and fast targets, thus providing a reliable air picture. The Quadome streamlines operator interaction and reduces workload, enhancing overall operational efficiency. The radar is software-defined, allowing adaptation to the changing operational environment, and offers a predictive maintenance approach by synchronising maintenance activities with port visits, thus extending its operational lifetime.

Quadome features two main operational modes that enhance operator interaction and reduce operator workload. The surveillance mode is used for general surface- and air-surveillance, while the air-defence mode is employed for high-threat situations and target engagement. Quadome is designed to maximise system performance, while minimising acquisition and life-cycle costs.

Quadome is aimed at the global market for tactical naval and ground-based air-defence radar systems. The system's compact size and excellent price-performance ratio make it ideally suited for offshore patrol vessels (OPVs), corvettes, light frigates and support vessels.

Because of its compact size, relatively low mass and excellent price-performance ratio, the radar offers 3D air surveillance and air defence capabilities that are highly mobile and easily deployable.

The Quadome radar is designed to meet the operational needs of the modern air defence environment. The system offers robust capabilities for the detection and accurate 3D tracking of low, medium and high-altitude fast moving air targets, which may also be small, providing a reliable and stable air picture, ensuring effective threat evaluation and weapon assignment due to fast track initiation.

Quadome operates in C-Band for operationally advantageous reasons, such as a lightweight, highly mobile self-contained air defence sensor offering the best compromise for demanding high performance.

Clients will benefit from lower life-cycle costs, reduced user-effort due to simple hands-off operation, reduced need for training and skills and comprehensive and flexible modern support concepts.

The new-generation, future-proof technology employed in the system offers the ability to add new features as new threats emerge, using the software-defined architecture, thereby significantly extending the lifespan of the product.

Its competitive pricing and high performance make it an attractive option for maritime security operations, providing 3D air surveillance and air defence capabilities to vessels that may otherwise only have been fitted with 2D target-detection capability.

Recently, HENSOLDT secured the launch customer for Quadome, one of the world's leading navies, further establishing its position as a trusted and reputable provider in the industry.

The Quadome radar development programme, undertaken in South Africa since 2019, positions HENSOLDT South Africa as a key player in radar technology globally. Quadome is developed using South African intellectual property and is not subject to third-party export control.

Quadome is a testament to the reputation and success of the HENSOLDT Group’s radar portfolio, which has sold over 100 units over a 25-year period. The Quadome radar finds its place amongst HENSOLDT’s radar family which includes the Quadome Land and Naval, the TRML-4D and the COBRA counter battery radars. Quadome is the culmination of HENSOLDT’s significant international footprint and global spectrum of expertise.

With the unique advantage of 66 years of radar innovation in Germany, 74 years of experience in the UK and 76 years of radar heritage in South Africa, HENSOLDT is a truly global leader in the radar market.

Strategic Presence in the Middle East

HENSOLDT South Africa has been a key partner in contributing to the Middle East's defence landscape for nearly two decades. Leveraging South Africa’s strong reputation in defence technologies, the company has emerged as the partner of choice for addressing the region's evolving defence needs.

Capitalising on the substantial business in the area and recognising the market's potential, HENSOLDT has established HENSOLDT Middle East, alongside a regional sales and marketing office. Wholly owned by HENSOLDT South Africa, HENSOLDT Middle East strategically addresses the regional market, while contributing to knowledge transfer, technology development and skills enhancement in the region. HENSOLDT South Africa’s expertise in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of defence and security solutions has earned the trust of military and commercial authorities in the Middle East.

The Quadome’s advanced surveillance capabilities are crucial for enhancing maritime security. Its role in safeguarding critical interests underscores its importance in maintaining peace and stability. This is particularly relevant in the Middle East, given its strategic location and economic significance as a hub for vital maritime trade routes. The Quadome’s capabilities address various security threats in the region, such as piracy, smuggling, and terrorism, ensuring the security of maritime trade and regional stability.



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