Egypt, Spain Conclude Joint Naval Exercises in Red Sea

File Photo: Spain’s Galicia-Class Landing Platform Dock, Castilla L5216.02.2021 Egypt
Egypt, Spain Conclude Joint Naval Exercises in Red Sea

Egypt, Spain Conclude Joint Naval Exercises in Red Sea

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Naval forces from Egypt and Spain conducted, on Sunday, joint naval exercises in the Red Sea, according to Egyptian Armed Forces Spokesperson Tamer Al-Refae.

In a statement, Al-Refae said that the Egyptian frigate Toshka and Spanish frigate Reina Sofia took part in the exercise, which included transportation drills

The two countries’ naval forces carried out transient training at the Berenice Naval Base, in the range of the Southern Fleet in the Red Sea. This took place with the participation of the Egyptian frigate Sharm El-Sheikh, with June 18 missiles launched with the Spanish landing ship ESPS CASTILLA LPD.

The practice came as part of the Egyptian Armed Forces’ plan to upgrade the level of its training, and exchange military experience with partner countries.

The exercise reflected the high competitiveness and fighting capabilities of Egypt’s naval troops, as well as the combating readiness. It featured air defense drills along with maritime formations, to show the ability of the country’s marine units to take their positions with accuracy and high speed.

The exercise focused on supporting the pillars of joint cooperation between the Egyptian and Spanish Armed Forces, both of which have significant experience in the maritime field. It also supports efforts to benefit from bilateral capabilities in achieving the common interests of both sides, and supporting efforts for security and maritime stability in the region.



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