Egypt Calls for a Fourth Military Maneuver with Sudan

03.06.2021 Egypt
Egypt Calls for a Fourth Military Maneuver with Sudan

Egypt Calls for a Fourth Military Maneuver with Sudan

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Chief-of-Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces Mohamed Farid has called for holding another Egyptian-Sudanese military maneuver soon, local media reported.

Farid added that Egypt’s joint training with Sudan, called “Protectors of the Nile”, has special features in terms of continuous development in coordination and planning work. These special features also relate to the preparations for implementing training, according to an accurate assessment of the field situation.

During a speech at the end of “Protectors of the Nile” activities under the joint Egyptian-Sudanese training, Farid added that construction and continuous development on what has been achieved will take place.

This will also involve the lessons learned from previous joint exercises between Egypt and Sudan, which were called “The Nile Eagles 1 and 2”.

The joint exercises, “Nile Eagles 1 and 2”, took place at the Marwa airbase in Sudan, with the participation of members from the Egyptian and Sudanese air forces. It also included elements of Thunderbolt forces from both countries.

The “Protectors of the Nile” training project, in which elements of the ground forces, air forces, and air defense participated, took place from 26 to 31 May in Umm Siala region of Sudan.

The training scenario included a number of exercises, mobilizations, and other specific exercises.

The “Guardians of the Nile” exercise was followed by a mixed naval exercise between the Sudanese and Egyptian naval forces in the Red Sea.

The Egyptian Chief-of-Staff also noted that the arduous efforts made by the two countries’ leaders, and relevant bodies and departments of Egypt’s and Sudan’s armed forces, had a great impact on the success of the training and the achievement of its objectives.

He saluted the Egyptian and Sudanese leaders for providing the appropriate support in achieving a breakthrough in the joint military field.

“The most precious and dear thing that has been achieved in joint action during the past period is the documentation of the cohesion and connection of the Egyptian and Sudanese fighter in the north and south of the valley, whose motto is strength,” Farid said.

He called on the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff from both countries to continue communication and coordination in the two countries and to draw lessons learned from joint training.

This would take place in preparation for implementing the next version of the training as soon as possible, and according to the results of joint coordination.

In March 2021, Egypt and Sudan signed a military cooperation agreement. The Chief-of-Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces, and his Sudanese counterpart Muhammad Othman Al-Hussein inked the military accord in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

Upon signing the agreement, the Egyptian Chief-of-Staff said that both countries face common challenges and threats to their national security. He added, in a press statement, that the two countries are witnessing an unprecedented level of military cooperation, expressing Egypt’s desire to achieve better coordination between both militaries.

Farid stressed that Egypt seeks to “consolidate relations with Sudan in all fields, especially military and security.”

For his part, the Sudanese Chief-of-Staff said the agreement aims to protect the national security of the two countries and exchange experience and knowledge in the military field. He also thanked Egypt for standing by Sudan in difficult situations.



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