13th Annual Cardio Military Conference Concludes in Egypt

Egyptian Ministry of Defense31.01.2023 Egypt
13th Annual Cardio Military Conference Concludes in Egypt

13th Annual Cardio Military Conference Concludes in Egypt

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The Military Medical Academy of the Egyptian Armed Forces organized the annual cardiology conference in cooperation with the Egyptian Society of Cardiology at the Intercontinental Cairo City Stars Hotel from 25-26 January 2023.

A group of Egyptian and foreign professors and experts specialized in the field of cardiology in the Egyptian Armed Forces and universities attended the conference, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

The conference included holding many theoretical and practical lectures that review the latest medical methods and guidelines in the field of cardiology and intervention catheterization. The conference also included a number of scientific sessions dealing with the latest diagnostic and treatment developments for heart diseases.

In addition, the conference discussed complex medical cases and advanced intervention catheter skills using the latest technologies and advanced medical devices, with the aim of exchanging medical expertise and discussing research and various means of treatment, the statement added.

The experts performed a number of intervention catheter operations and transmitted them, via live broadcast, from inside the catheterization unit at the Specialized Heart Hospital in the Medical Complex of the Armed Forces in Kobry El-Kobba to the conference halls and explained its steps to achieve the maximum possible benefit for the largest number of attending physicians and to transfer medical experiences to them.

On the margin of the conference, a number of training courses and workshops were held for young doctors, specialists and consultants, with practical training on operation models and various examination devices, with the participation of elite doctors of the Armed Forces. 



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