SGO Uses MineWolf Demining Vehicle in Kurdistan, Iraq

08.06.2015 Iraq
SGO Uses MineWolf Demining Vehicle in Kurdistan, Iraq

SGO Uses MineWolf Demining Vehicle in Kurdistan, Iraq

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Sterling Global Operations’ (SGO) initial projects in Kurdistan, Iraq using the world's first fully operational Micro-MineWolf armored anti-mine vehicle resulted in faster destruction of anti-personnel mines and demining of explosives-contaminated areas for commercial and government clients.

Sterling Global Operations (SGO) took delivery of the half-million-dollar Micro-MineWolf in July 2014. After training, testing and certification, the Micro-MineWolf was put into use on projects in the Kurdistan region in Northern Iraq.

The result: SGO used the Micro-MineWolf to detonate a dozen anti-personnel mines and perform “ground preparation” for human deminers that removed tripwires, barbed wire, vegetation, small trees, and other obstacles more quickly than humans could have performed the same tasks.

“We make the demining process safer, faster, and less expensive for our clients worldwide. Fielding new technology and creative solutions, such as the Micro-MineWolf, for our government, oil and natural gas, and mining industry clients, is part of SGO's ability to deliver for them,” said Alan Weakley, SGO President and Chief Operating Officer.

Ground preparation is a crucial part of ensuring land isn't contaminated with mines and other explosive remnants of war. The Micro-MineWolf is effective and three times faster conducting ground preparation than a human deminer; in most cases it will detonate any live explosives it comes across,” said Jeremy Duncan, SGO Operations Vice President.

The Micro-MineWolf is based at SGO's logistics facility in Erbil, Kurdistan, and can be deployed on client projects throughout the Middle East and Africa, Duncan said.

The Micro-MineWolf has resumed its work after a several-month hiatus during Kurdistan's winter season, when potential minefields are inaccessible due to snow and mud.

SGO's demining and unexploded ordnance (UXO) work includes ensuring land is safe for oil and natural gas exploration; extractives and mining industry operations; military force protection; agricultural and residential development; and for safeguarding civilian populations.

Duncan said a six-man team of local nationals, trained, tested, and accredited by SGO employees, operates the Micro-MineWolf: a team leader; deputy team leader; three operators; and a mechanic.

Designed and built by MineWolf Systems, AG, in Stockach, Germany, the Micro-MineWolf weighs about 4,000 pounds and can operate on a slope of up to 30 degrees.

Sterling Global Operations serves customers with munitions response; intelligence support; logistics; risk management and other services in some of the world's most austere and hostile environments.



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