US Confirms $60B Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

Reuters21.10.2010 KSA
US Confirms $60B Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

US Confirms $60B Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

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The US plans to sell up to $60 billion worth of military aircraft to Saudi Arabia, the US State Department told a news conference.

Andrew Shapiro, Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, said the US administration did not anticipate any objections to the sale from Israel, traditionally wary of arms sales to nearby Arab countries.

The sale, which had been expected, includes 84 new Boeing F-15 aircraft and 70 upgrades of existing Saudi F-15s.

It also includes 70 of Boeing's Apache attack helicopters and 36 of its AH-6M Little Birds.

It will also include 72 Black Hawk helicopters built by Sikorsky Aircraft, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

Shapiro said the total value of the package would not exceed $60 billion, although he emphasized that Saudi Arabia may not choose to exercise all of its purchase options during the program which will last spread from 15 to 20 years.



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