Prince Khaled: Saudi Arabia Prepared to Defend Borders

Arab News26.05.2011 KSA
Prince Khaled: Saudi Arabia Prepared to Defend Borders

Prince Khaled: Saudi Arabia Prepared to Defend Borders

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Saudi Arabia is well prepared to defend its borders and safeguard it stability, said Prince Khaled bin Sultan, Assistant Minister of Defense and Aviation, when asked whether the worsening political crisis in neighboring Yemen would have any negative impact on the Kingdom.

Speaking to reporters after opening a conference on military trials and councils in Tabuk (Saudi Arabia), Prince Khaled hoped that the Yemenis would apply their senses to overcome their country's present crisis.

Asked about political conflicts in Iran and Tehran's move to export revolution, Prince Khaled said the Saudi leadership would deal with all situations judiciously. "We have taken everything into consideration."

Referring to the forces stationed in the Eastern Province, Prince Khaled said they came from their bases in the Northern and Western provinces to beef up the Peninsula Shield Forces. "Their return depends on the decision of GCC leaders," he said.

Earlier opening the conference, Prince Khaled called for regulations to ensure the independence and fairness of military justice. He underlined the importance given by Islam for justice. "Judges should be given total freedom to give their verdicts on the cases passed to them, based on evidences and laws."


Source: Arab News



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