Planning for “Exercise Eagle Resolve 2015” Starts in Kuwait

Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)14.01.2015 Kuwait
Planning for “Exercise Eagle Resolve 2015” Starts in Kuwait

Planning for “Exercise Eagle Resolve 2015” Starts in Kuwait

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Assistant Commander of Kuwait Air Force Brigadier Pilot Abdullah Al-Fodari on Sunday highlighted the role by representatives of the Exercise Eagle Resolve countries in the groups and workshops planning for the 2015 version of the military drills.

Brigadier Al-Fodari said that taking part in the five-day final planning meeting of the 2015 Exercise that kicked off in Kuwait Sunday is essential to enrich it and secure it success, lauding the efforts by the preparatory committee in the previous meetings.

He also expressed gratitude to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah and Chief of Staff of Kuwait's Army lieutenant General Mohammad Khaled Al-Kheder for their limitless support to the Exercise Eagle Resolve 2015 preparatory committee.

This final meeting includes workshops aiming to design the joint scenarios of the Exercise that will be held through March, led by the Kuwaiti Army in cooperation with the US Central Command.

He said that the Kuwait Oil Tanker Company had joined the planning groups for Eagle Resolve 2015, with a crucial role in the scenario.

This is a major regional and international exercise, prepared through coordination with the US Central Command, head of the preparatory committee Lieutenant-Brigadier Mohammad Abdullah Al-Kandari. Up to 22 countries will take part in the Exercise.

This 13th version of Exercise Eagle Resolve will take place on stages in March 2015 for unifying visions on how to coordinate efforts in fields like countering terrorism, border security and managing crisis and catastrophes.

Bahrain hosted the first Exercise in 2000.

Source: KUNA

File Photo: U.S. Marines carry a simulated casualty as part of a live-fire exercise during Eagle Resolve 2013 at a range on Camp Al-Galail, Qatar, April 26, 2013. The Marine is assigned to Kilo Battery, Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Regiment, 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit. (Photo: U.S. Marine Corps)



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