Lebanon’s General Security to Participate at SMES 2015

01.09.2015 Lebanon
Lebanon’s General Security to Participate at SMES 2015

Lebanon’s General Security to Participate at SMES 2015

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On the occasion of the Security and Middle East Show (SMES 2015), to be held from 8 to 10 September in Biel (Beirut), Lebanese Major General Abbas Ibrahim (photo), Director General of the General Security expressed the significance of participating in the show stating: “We are deeply concerned about being introduced to the latest technological innovations that will facilitate the general security logistic and administrative and security mission accomplishment”.

Ibrahim considered organizing such an event has political and security indications. On the political level, it indicates that Lebanon plays a pivot and growing role in countering the terrorist mentality that is swallowing the cultures, the nations and people. Furthermore, concerning the security level, this show is an endorsement about the powerful efforts the Lebanese security and military forces are exerting.

With respect to the Lebanese General Security participation in SMES, the major general said: “Our participation is confirmed since we are the most sensible security-administrative service and our role combines absolute security on the borders and internally, and between the Lebanese society. In this sense, our participation is essential because we strive to follow up with the international technological innovations.”

About any possibility of military contracts with the exhibiting companies, Gen. Ibrahim said that the general security always endeavors to develop the human competencies and the technical capabilities scientifically according to our needs. He added “We are looking forward to the recent modern tools that will facilitate our logistic and administrative mission accomplishments”.

In addition, he considered that introducing and presenting the finest scientific and technical productions that deal with countering terrorism or crisis management during the show, is a reality and a necessity especially that terrorists possess modern and sophisticated tools, and high capabilities already discovered during our various missions.

With respect to the collaboration between the different security services and the Lebanese private sector to ensure security and stability, the major general considered the cooperation and partnership between the private sector and the security services is not recent in Lebanon, especially related to the Successive private sector initiatives to support the security and military forces. However, this partnership needs to be developed and activated so the private sector becomes a real and active partner to the security and armed forces since they are the guarantee of the State conception with all its productive sectors.

Major General Abbas Ibrahim promised to frame the ideas of the Universities students sharing their security and defense projects mentality during the show, and accomplishing those projects.



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