Airbus Defence and Space at DIMDEX 2014

25.03.2014 Qatar
Airbus Defence and Space at DIMDEX 2014

Airbus Defence and Space at DIMDEX 2014

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At the Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition (DIMDEX 2014, Qatar, 25-27 March 2014), Airbus Defence and Space (a new division within the Airbus Group) is present with its 4 business lines for the first time in the region.

The division has been formed by combining Cassidian, Astrium and Airbus Military and started operating as of 1 January 2014. At previous DIMDEX shows only Cassidian was present with its defence and security portfolio.

Airbus Defence and Space is composed of 4 business lines: Military Aircraft; Space Systems; Communication, Intelligence & Security (CIS); and Electronics.

The business line Military Aircraft will showcase the Airbus C295 in Maritime Patrol version. The aircraft is the market leader in the medium-size maritime patrol aircraft/anti-submarine warfare (MPA/ASW) sector with an endurance of up to 11 hours, excellent low-level flying characteristics with up to 3g maneuverability and a cruise speed optimised for persistent surveillance and wide area coverage.

The tactical Unmanned Aerial System TR-170 KZO is a combat proven aerial artillery observer and surveillance drone. It has been designed to enhance the commander's situational awareness and provide highly stabilized and precise target coordinates, fully integrated into the artillery C4I system.

The business line Space Systems will showcase the submarine rescue system RESUS. It ensures rapid surfacing of submarines in an emergency situation: RESUS will empty the Main Ballast Tanks (MBT) of the submarine at all diving depths within a very short time, working independently form other on-board systems.

SCOTPatrol is a next generation naval terminal designed to extend satcom capabilities to smaller ships such as Mine Counter Measures and Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) or larger ships with smaller data requirements.

DeckFinder is a local navigation system, designed to enable automated operations of manned or unmanned aerial vehicles. The system enables the calculation of precise relative position – independent of Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

Several communications satellites based on Eurostar E3000 are already in operation for the Middle East. This product covers a wide range of civil and military applications with a payload power of between 4 and 15 kW and has a capacity to operate more than 100 transponders for more than 15 years.

The business line Communication, Intelligence & Security (CIS) is providing the Nationwide Security System to Qatar. This integrated system provides Qatar with surveillance and command and control of land borders and its coastal region. High performance sensors and state-of-the-art IT tools to secure more than 900 km of Qatar‘s coastline, land borders and the Qatar Area Of Responsibility. The system is destined for the Qatari border guard, coast guard and Navy for the exclusive economic zone. It is intended to allow monitoring of the territory, secure communications and speedy decision making to counter potential intruders.

The business line Electronics will show a new generation of naval radars with unprecedented capabilities for the surveillance of sea areas and countering asymmetric threats: TRS-4D is the innovative step from conventional radar into a "new dimension" of operational capability.

Also on display is TRSS (Tactical Radar for Surface Surveillance), a new naval X-Band radar optimized for the detection of extremely small objects and countering asymmetric threats. Based upon the latest AESA radar technology (Active Electronically Scanning Array), TRSS substantially increases the detection capabilities, and thus the protection level of navy ships and coast guard vessels.

SPEXER 2000 (TRGS) is a security radar for surveillance of border areas or sensitive industrial installations with unprecedented performance. The radar which has been sold as part of a huge border protection system in the Middle East forms the nucleus of a whole product family of security radars named SPEXER.


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