Airbus Defence and Space at Milipol Qatar 2014

21.10.2014 Qatar
Airbus Defence and Space at Milipol Qatar 2014

Airbus Defence and Space at Milipol Qatar 2014

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Airbus Defence and Space is highlighting its leading homeland security solutions at Milipol Qatar 2014, taking place from 20 to 22 October 2014 in Doha.

The company is displaying some of its latest products and solutions ranging from Emergency Response Solution and UAS surveillance, identification and inspection aerial vectors to a range of cyber security services.

Concerning Emergency Response, one of its main exhibits is Civion, a solution that integrates all types of critical information seamlessly. In case of a small incident up to a crisis at district, city or national level, Civion keeps public safety and security agencies connected and able to fulfil their mission. Benefit for the customer is a reduced response time, using the right resources and ultimately saving lives.

The CiviLead command and control solution integrated with CiviSense, both components of Civion, grants first responders a clear situational awareness in real time due to an integrated camera and video management software.

In the field of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), the company is showing its Copter 4 and DVF2000 surveillance, identification and inspection aerial vectors. Copter 4, the flagship model of Survey Copter, the mini and tactical UAS subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, is a 1h30 endurance mini UAS double independent engines helicopter with a mass of 30 kg and a rotor diameter of 2 meters which can fly up to a distance of 25 kilometers at a maximum speed of 50 km/hour.

The payload, including daylight and infrared cameras, is integrated in a gyro-stabilized gimbal which reduces the movement of the aircraft and allows the operator to point to the target or the scene of interest. The DVF2000 is a new generation fixed-wing electro-glider mini UAS operated by a two-man team. With an endurance of two hours and a range of about 50 kilometers, it is deployed in less than 10 minutes. Launched by catapult and landing on field or net, it flies entirely automatically, which enables the operators to devote themselves to their surveillance assignment.

Another focus is a cyber security service for detecting and fighting Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). The solution named Keelback combines classic methods like signature tracking, state-of-the-art detection based on behaviour that reveals activities of attackers as well as weak signals reconnaissance. Customers benefit from a real-time identification and characterization of cyber threats with the help of a continuously updated intelligence database as well as advanced detection of attacks through a combination of capabilities working on network and on end-user-devices of customers’ IT infrastructure. In addition, the company is introducing a new generation of IT security solutions.

Called Stormshield Network Security, this leading European Unified Threat Management product provides the next level of network security, available for medium and large enterprise networks as well as to protect cloud environments instantly. It is complemented by the so-called Stormshield Endpoint Security solution, a unique approach to provide field-proven protection by immunizing windows-based devices against local infiltration by known and unknown attacks (like exploit of 0-days).



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