Assad: “National Dialogue to Start Soon”

Reuters21.06.2011 Syria
Assad: “National Dialogue to Start Soon”

Assad: “National Dialogue to Start Soon”

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Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, facing three months of protests, said on Monday a national dialogue would start soon.

In a speech in Damascus, Assad also said he would ask the Justice Ministry to study expanding a recent amnesty, but said it was important to differentiate between saboteurs and people with legitimate demands.

The saboteurs are a small group that tried to exploit the kind majority of the Syrian people to carry out their many schemes, Assad added.

"What do we say about these political positions? About the pressure from the media, the advanced telephones that we started seeing spreading in Syria in the hands of saboteurs, the fabrications? We cannot say these are acts of goodwill, this is definitely a conspiracy," he said.


Source: Reuters



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