Yemen’s President Meets US Homeland Security Official

SABA08.09.2014 Yemen
Yemen’s President Meets US Homeland Security Official

Yemen’s President Meets US Homeland Security Official

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Yemen’s President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi (photo) met on Saturday with U.S. Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Lisa Monaco, reported the Yemeni News Agency SABA.

Hadi confirmed the depth of relations between Yemen and U.S., praising all kinds of U.S. support. He and Monaco reviewed a number of issues and the latest developments on the ground in light of the continued escalation by Houthis in and around the capital Sana'a which threatens Yemen's security, stability and transition s well as fighting against al-Qaeda. 

“We are at the end of the successful and peaceful change and now heading towards building the new Yemen on the basis of the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) and completing the draft texts of the country's new constitution that will be finalized very soon,” Hadi said. 

“While the army and security forces were involved in a battle against al-Qaeda militants in Shabwa and Abyan provinces, the Houthi group started moving towards Amran province, where they attacked and took over all heavy and medium arms and equipment of the 310th Armored Brigade,” he added.

He also talked about efforts which were exerted by the Presidential Committee that was formed to negotiate with the Houthis' leadership in Sa’ada in an attempt to avert the country from being dragged into armed confrontations.  He also talked about the economic, security and political challenges that Yemen faces. 

The U.S. official hailed the level of relations between U.S. and Yemen, which she described as “strategic relations.” She praised all efforts by President Hadi to solve Yemen’s crisis”.  Monaco considered achievements made on the ground, regarding the transition, as great successes, and said that the United States along with the international community strongly condemned the Houthi actions. She said that Houhtis were informed about the U.S. position that rejects the Houthi escalation. 

The U.S. official stressed the need for preventing the situation in Yemen from worsening, reaffirming her country's full support to Yemen to finalize the remaining tasks of transition successfully. 

Meanwhile, The Russian Federation has called all political forces in Yemen to unify their efforts to bring in active procedures ending the current crisis in the country.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that “the current dangerous crisis could impede the political process which started with difficulty in this Arab state.”

It added that “we are sure that it is not feasible to settle the crisis but through finding out compromises acceptable to all parties while taking the public national interests into consideration.”

Russia expressed concern over the increasing tension due to the recent events in Yemen and warned against continuation of this situation or any other event which may lead to confrontations.

Source SABA


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