Abu Dhabi Police Launches 1st Phase of “Inspection” Project

16.09.2015 Security
Abu Dhabi Police Launches First Phase of “Inspection” Project

Abu Dhabi Police Launches First Phase of “Inspection” Project

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The General Directorate of Civil Defense in Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with Saaed Company for Traffic Systems, has launched the first phase of its project “Tafteesh” (“Inspection”), developed in line with the government’s directives to improve excellence in services delivery across the country.

This approach would ensure satisfaction of customers and beneficiaries, and contribute to achieving the highest standards of safety requirements across all of the country’s facilities, said a statement from the Ministry of Interior.

Brigadier Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi (photo), Director General of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police, and Chairman of “Saaed” company, said the project is aligned with the Ministry's strategy to provide an integrated and innovative system, which includes all of the distinguished regulatory tools and services needed to provide inspection services.

It is also designed to link the different private and public entities that benefit from the system, as well as companies, building and facility owners, through a unified system, he stated.

Brig Al Harithi said the new project will provide an integrated technical team specialized in safety and security requirements, to inspect alarms, fire-fighting, security and safety systems.

The team has been trained by an elite group of local and international civil defense experts.

Lt. Col Mohammed Abdul Jalil Al Ansari, Director General of Civil Defense in Abu Dhabi, said the “Inspection” team will work based on the timetable established according to the plan, which is consistent with the cabinet's decision pertaining to the mechanism of application of the inspection, alerts and violations operations.

As a first stage, the project will include all of the buildings and facilities located within Abu Dhabi Island, and will be expanded gradually to include all areas.

Towards the last stage of the project, the system, which consists of highly qualified teams, smart inspection patrols equipped with the latest technology, and operation rooms, will become fully integrated; with the activation of the electronic fines payment system, he stated.

“Moreover, the “Inspection” project will provide new career opportunities to attract young and competent Emiratis wishing to work in this new sector,” said Lt Col Al Ansari.

“Candidates will be enrolled in a number of training courses, in line with  goal of Emiratization, which aims to provide  well-trained national cadres, capable of  working in the security, policing, technical and administrative disciplines,” he added.


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