Saudi Space Agency to Organise Space Debris Conference in February

Photo: SPA Saudi Press Agency (SPA)02.01.2024 Aviation & Space
Saudi Space Agency to Organise Space Debris Conference in February

Saudi Space Agency to Organise Space Debris Conference in February

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The Saudi Space Agency (SSA) is set to organize its first-ever conference titled “Securing the Future Growth of the Global Space Economy” on the 11th and 12th of February, in collaboration with Communications, Space and Technology Commission as a host for the event, and the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) This event aims to raise global awareness of the growing space debris challenges and create a platform for international dialogue on this pressing issue.

Taking place in Riyadh, the Conference is poised to be a leading platform, uniting space industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts. It will spotlight the escalating issue of space debris, discuss ways to combat it through effective global governance, and explore the necessary policies and legislation. The event also aims to foster pioneering research in the field, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

Dr. Mohammed AlTamimi, CEO of the Saudi Space Agency, emphasised the importance of the Space Debris Conference in reflecting the Agency’s commitment to enhancing sustainability in space. He pointed out that the event offers a vital platform for fostering discussions and sharing expert insights, all directed towards achieving a sustainable and forward-looking space environment.

Dr. AlTamimi further noted the conference’s potential to drive various innovative outcomes, particularly in strengthening international collaboration in space management. The event is set to encourage partnerships among government agencies, the private sector, academia, and research institutions, contributing to the development of creative solutions to sector challenges, including mitigating the effects of space debris.

The Conference will cover a range of critical issues, most notably analysing the growing concern of space debris. It aims to explore hurdles in relevant legislation and policy-making, while also focusing on necessary adaptations and mitigations strategies for space debris. Discussions will be integrated into a strategic roadmap to tackle this issue.

A significant part of the conference will be devoted to encouraging discussions and consultations on the possibilities of innovative research in the field of space debris removal, with a special emphasis on the role of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence in managing space traffic.

The Agency’s announcement of the forthcoming conference underscores its dedication to promoting environmental sustainability and the sustainable use of outer space. The conference is set to underscore the obstacles posed by space debris, thereby raising public awareness about this critical environmental concern. It also aims to foster support for innovative research projects, particularly those focused on developing effective solutions to address the issue of space debris.



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