Alpha Aviation Academy UAE Celebrates 10th Anniversary

02.05.2019 Aviation
Alpha Aviation Academy UAE Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Alpha Aviation Academy UAE Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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Alpha Aviation Academy UAE (AAA), the Middle East’s leading pilot training provider, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with a ceremony at its base in Sharjah, UAE.

Since receiving its first batch 10 years ago, AAA has trained over 600 cadets via the Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) course, with most graduates securing a position as an Airbus A320 second officer.

One of the academy’s key focuses since its founding has been diversity: the 330 graduates from 51 batches to date are from over 67 different countries.

With just 3 per cent of the world’s commercial pilots being female, equal focus has been placed on empowering women to become pilots. Currently, 20 female cadets are training with Alpha, with a further 28 having previously graduated.

Furthermore, in a move to encourage current professionals to undertake pilot training, AAA has recently extended the upper age limit on cadets training for the MPL licence from 33 years of age to 35. Professionals who have gone onto train at AAA include former doctors and lawyers.

In recent months, AAA has also started a program of international expansion, securing partnerships with Airways Aviation (Australia), Etihad Airways (UAE), and sister group Alpha Aviation Group (Philippines) for the delivery of the Core Flying Skills components of AAA’s pilot training program.

Through all these initiatives, AAA has aimed to unlock opportunities for those who would otherwise have not considered a career as a pilot, and highlighted that flying an aircraft is a dream that really can be achieved by anyone.

AAA’s latest diversity drive to attract as many cadets as possible comes both during the UAE Year of Tolerance and as it is predicted a further 635,000 commercial pilots will be required to meet industry demand by 2037.

The 10th anniversary ceremony at AAA, which took place on April 15 was attended by over 150 guests including guests of honor Bhanu Choudhrie, shareholder and Director of Alpha Aviation Group (AAG); Sultan Al Zara, Director of Licensing Department at General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA); guest speaker Captain Dieter Harms – the “Father of MPL”; Air Arabia Group, Alpha Aviation Group Philippines, Airways Aviation, Cozmo Travel and AAA cadets and graduates.

The event saw keynote speeches and an awards ceremony highlighting the achievements of AAA employees, associates, cadets, graduates, and future AAA ambassadors.

Choudhrie said: “I wish to congratulate Alpha Aviation Academy UAE for all they achieved over the last 10 years. Not only is every single one of our cadets and graduates a source of great pride, but so too our ground-breaking work in promoting tolerance and diversity. We are extremely grateful to all our partners, without whom our work would not be possible.”

Captain Nadhem Al Hamad, General Manager of Alpha Aviation Academy UAE, said: “We are extremely proud to be celebrating Alpha Aviation Academy UAE’s 10th anniversary, and I wish to congratulate ourselves and our partners. I would also on this joyous occasion like to thank all the staff and cadets who have helped us reach this important milestone.”

“We are looking forward to further ambitious growth and diversity in the coming years, and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure future generations of cadets have the best possible training to succeed.”


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