French Army Deploys FN Herstal Ballistic Calculators

09.02.2023 Europe
French Army Deploys FN Herstal Ballistic Calculators

French Army Deploys FN Herstal Ballistic Calculators

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Specialized in the creation of innovative solutions based on small arms, the Belgian company FN Herstal announced a first major order of FN Elity® ballistic calculators, manufactured in Europe (ITAR-free) and for use by French snipers and designated marksmen.

In early 2022, the Battle-Lab Terre (BLT) - Ground Forces Battle Lab -, a structure created with the aim of boosting innovation within the French Army, acquired a first batch of FN Elity and initiated a test phase with French units composed of snipers and designated marksmen.

This phase, which lasted several months, enabled operational shooters to successfully test and evaluate the ballistic calculator on various weapon platforms: 12.7mm rifles and 7.62mm sniper/precision rifles (PGM and FN SCAR®-H PR). Most importantly, it demonstrated how the FN Herstal ballistic calculator considerably improves the shooter’s performance, reduces "detection-neutralization" time by 40% and improves shooting accuracy by 25%. It also lightens the equipment carried by snipers by 6 kilos.

“This first project for innovation conducted with the company FN Herstal went particularly well, mostly due to the excellent collaboration between the Battle-Lab Terre and the Belgian manufacturer. It ends well since it demonstrates the effectiveness of the system and leads to the acquisition of a first batch that benefits French forces,” explained squadron leader Tanguy de Brosse, in charge of the project at the BLT.

“This will open the door to further acquisitions for full-service capacity, the terms and timing of which are yet to be defined, and to other collaborations with FN Herstal”, explained squadron leader Tanguy de Brosse, in charge of the project at the BLT,” he added.

FN Herstal is the Defence and Security branch of the Herstal Group. Situated in Belgium since its creation the Herstal Group is also active in the civilian sector through its range of Hunting, Shooting and Outdoor products with the Browning and Winchester Firearms brands. The Herstal Group has almost 3,000 employees worldwide, and registered a turnover of more than 795 million Euros in 2021.

FN Herstal’s mission is to design, develop and manufacture a full range of innovative solutions at the leading edge of technology, centered on small arms and their ammunition, that meet specific market requirements today and in the future. The customers are Armed Forces, Security Forces and Special Groups worldwide.

The FN Herstal product range includes small arms, Less Lethal systems, and integrated weapon systems for air, sea and land applications, remote weapon stations, small calibre ammunition, and solutions that harness modern technology to enhance the capabilities of the end user.

FN Herstal is based near Liège in Belgium, with three fully owned subsidiaries: FN America (USA), FNH UK (UK) and Noptel (Finland).



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