Otokar’s Alpar, Arma II Armored Vehicles Make World Debut at Eurosatory 2024

18.06.2024 Europe
Otokar’s Alpar, Arma II Armored Vehicles Make World Debut at Eurosatory 2024

Otokar’s Alpar, Arma II Armored Vehicles Make World Debut at Eurosatory 2024

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Otokar, the global land systems manufacturer of Türkiye, is showcasing seven vehicles and turret systems at Eurosatory 2024, the global event -for defense and security taking place in Paris, France from 17-21 June.

In the exhibition, which hosts more than 2,000 exhibitors from 62 countries, Otokar will hold the world debut of ALPAR, tracked and armored medium unmanned ground vehicle, and ARMA II, the new member of the ARMA family, which boasts a proven track record across diverse geographies with its mobility and survivability capabilities.

Otokar is also showcasing COBRA II, ARMA 6x6, ARMA 8x8, TULPAR, and AKREP II at Eurosatory 2024. In addition, RABDAN 8x8 Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle is exhibited at the stand of Al Jasoor, Otokar’s joint venture company with EDGE Group. ARMA 8x8 with Korkut Turret is also on display at Aselsan stand.

Aykut Özüner, Otokar’s General Manager said: “Eurosatory has always been an important event for Otokar since the company introduced its armored vehicles to the world for the first time in the 1990s. Today we are very proud that Otokar is among the leading land systems manufacturers globally”.

Mr. Özüner continued: “With increasing defense industry spending due to global developments and threats, interest in defense and security exhibitions is also on the rise. Eurosatory, as Europe’s premier event for defense and security, provides us the opportunity to engage with our current and prospective clients from around the world. Our products, meeting NATO standards, combined with our quick response to needs, unique lead times, and excellent after-sales services, keep us ahead in the competitive global market. Otokar is ready to meet the rising demand for land systems in Europe efficiently and effectively with our advanced defense vehicles.”

Özüner also highlighted recent company achievements: “With a strong product portfolio, favorable lead times, and outstanding after-sales services, we are now among the top choices for clients, particularly in Eastern Europe. Last October, we secured a contract to supply 6x6 armored vehicles to the Estonian Armed Forces. We are also prepared and eager to fulfill Romania’s upcoming 4x4 armored vehicle requirements.”

Sedef Vehbi, Military Cluster Head at Otokar, stated: “As a land systems supplier to NATO and the United Nations, Otokar manufactures vehicles deployed in diverse missions across various climates and terrains worldwide. Over 33,000 of our military vehicles are currently in service in more than 40 countries across five continents. These vehicles deliver high performance and security in the most critical missions, ranging from combat situations to peacekeeping operations.”

“Our vehicles have consistently proven themselves in numerous missions globally. At Eurosatory, two of our new armored vehicles are making their world debut. We believe that ALPAR, designed for robotic and unmanned ground vehicle needs, and the ARMA II 8x8 armored vehicle, developed to address both asymmetric threats and traditional combat conditions, will set new benchmarks in the industry,” he added.

Vehbi stressed that Otokar not only supplies military vehicles but also develops solutions tailored to clients’ needs, “We closely monitor our clients’ requirements and current threats to provide optimal solutions for armed and security forces. Our competencies and capabilities enable us to offer options such as local production and technology transfer to meet our clients’ specific needs.”

Designed as a medium unmanned ground vehicle, ALPAR marks a first for the Turkish defense industry. ALPAR, developed by Otokar as an unmanned platform capable of undertaking missions together with manned and unmanned assets in the battlefield to meet the needs of the armed forces for robotic and unmanned ground vehicles, has a maximum combat weight of 15 tonnes. Equipped with autonomous systems and AI systems, the vehicle is designed to reduce personnel risk on the battlefield, improve the success of high threat missions, conducting  routine tasks, by reducing the number of personnel in the field using AI and data analytics, and increase efficiency in the battlefield by communicating with unmanned aerial vehicles and other assets in the battlefield. ALPAR stands out with a low thermal footprint, dimensions and weight to be airlifted, and a fast-change battery infrastructure. Moreover, ALPAR increases its mission capability with a mini-unmanned ground vehicle that it can carry.

With a modular design, ALPAR can be configured as a fire support vehicle, logistics support vehicle, air defense vehicle, and anti-tank vehicle suitable for missions such as advanced reconnaissance and surveillance. The vehicle, which features a serial hybrid electric drive system and runs in complete silence, can be operated autonomously with remote control. The vehicle is also equipped with Adaptive Drive Support Systems developed by Otokar.

ARMA II 8x8 Armored Vehicle, the new member of the ARMA series developed by Otokar considering the conventional combat conditions as well as the most common asymmetrical threats today, is showcased at Eurosatory 2024 with a John Cockerill 105 mm turret. ARMA II offers best-in-class ballistic, mine and improvised explosive device (IED) protection and optimal terrain capability. With a maximum Gross Vehicle Weight of 40 tons, ARMA II comes with higher payload and improved protection, and can be configured for the integration of heavy weapon systems up to 120mm caliber.

ARMA II is equipped with a 12.7-liter, 6-cylinder, turbodiesel, 720 HP engine. ARMA II offers a platform suitable for many different missions; from armored combat vehicle to armored personnel carrier; from command and control vehicles to air defense missions. With the extra interior volume provided by the expanded hull, ARMA II is the most superior vehicle in its class with the modularity to operate as a maintenance and repair vehicle or an ambulance.



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