Iran Moves Radar to Syria

06.07.2010 Asia
Iran Moves Radar to Syria

An image grab taken from Iran's satellite Press TV station shows Iranian soldiers testing a radar

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A US Defense Official signaled, this past week, that Iran has moved radar to Syria to provide early-warning against a possible surprise Israeli air attack against Tehran nuclear sites. Information from the new radar could also help Hezbollah with its missile arsenal and air defenses, he said.

The radar transfer was first reported on July 1 by Wall Street Journal and prompted the US State Department to voice concerns about cooperation between Syria and Iran.
The sophisticated radar were deployed in Syria last year, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Agence France Presse.

State Department spokesman Philip Crowley on July 1 said Washington had concerns about the relationship between Iran and Syria. "We don't believe that Iran's designs for the region are in Syria's best interest," Crowley told reporters.
While acknowledging that all countries "have the right to protect themselves," the spokesman said the reported radar delivery would be of concern due to Syria's relationship with Hezbollah.

On July 6th, Syria denied these allegations describing them as "baseless" and lacking any concrete evidence.



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