Goodrich at Singapore Airshow

10.02.2012 Asia

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Goodrich Corporation will showcase a full range of advanced systems for commercial aircraft, defense and space applications at the 2012 Singapore Airshow taking place on February 14-19.
The Goodrich pavilion will feature an engine nacelle inlet cowl displayed on the outside of its building at the beginning of chalet row nearest the exhibit halls. Inside, visitors will have a chance to experience the latest systems including Goodrich's SmartDisplay® Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), an easy and affordable way to display GPS-based automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) information, critical to enhancing safety, increasing access and efficiency, and improving aviation's environmental footprint.

The C-130 boltless wheel and DURACARB® carbon brake system providing eight times longer brake life and six times longer wheel life than the current wheel and brake system will be displayed alongside Goodrich's Boeing 787 electrically-actuated braking system, the first on a production commercial aircraft. The electric brake system uses the latest in electric controls, modular actuators, and on-board brake wear and system health monitoring systems.

The advanced TERPROM® digital terrain system on display at the Goodrich pavilion is the only terrain awareness and warning system of its capability on the market. It successfully blends and interprets the inputs of a diverse array of sensors to provide pilots with full situational awareness, enabling them to fly far more safely and effectively. The real-time simulation will give visitors a chance to see the system in action as they pilot an aircraft across varied terrain.

In addition, Goodrich will showcase its ACES 5™ ejection seat, built on the legacy ACES II® ejection seat's one-of-a-kind stability package, lower life cycle costs, and proven safety record.  The seat's modular design also allows maintenance personnel to remove it from the aircraft in sections, eliminating the need to remove the aircraft's canopy or escape hatch; this reduces manpower required, saves money, and increases aircraft availability.

Also on display is the Goodrich TASE family of high performance, low size, weight and power, gyro-stabilized camera gimbals, ideal for surveillance, inspection, law enforcement, fire fighting and environmental monitoring. The camera gimbals come standard with features that include built-in moving maps, geo-pointing and geo-locating along with command/control/record software and joystick steering for operator ease of use and simple camera orientation.

Advanced safety and rescue systems will include internal mount rescue hoists, fully integrated ice detection and protection systems and Goodrich's latest family of aviation life rafts by Winslow, used by the leading corporate and business aircraft manufacturers, and custom-designed to fit in a variety of aircraft interior configurations. Winslow has also successfully applied its aviation life raft design capabilities to the commercial helicopter market.


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