Eurocopter at DEFEXPO India 2012

29.03.2012 Asia
Eurocopter at DEFEXPO India 2012

Eurocopter at DEFEXPO India 2012

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The capabilities of Eurocopter’s helicopter product line to fulfill a full range of mission requirements for the Indian Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard will be spotlighted at the ongoing DEFEXPO Exhibition in New Delhi (29 March-01 April 2012).

Eurocopter’s presence includes scale models of its AS550 C3 Fennec, AS565 MBe Naval Panther and EC725 rotorcraft – all of which are proposed for current and upcoming Indian armed forces competitions.

“As India looks to upgrade its military rotorcraft fleets, Eurocopter is the one manufacturer with the product range and depth to meet the full scope of operational needs for the country’s Army, Navy and Coast Guard,” said Eurocopter’s Senior Executive Vice President of Asia-Pacific Norbert Ducrot.

“Additionally, Eurocopter is the first major manufacturer to establish an Indian subsidiary, reinforcing its support and services network throughout the country and further developing the company’s relationship with India and its industry.”

Eurocopter’s single-engine AS550 C3 Fennec has demonstrated its capacity for the Indian Army and Air Force’s reconnaissance and surveillance helicopter tender, exhibiting the rotorcraft’s excellent performance in Indian field evaluation trials. This combat version of the company’s renowned Ecureuil family is recognized for its mission equipment, while also offering lower flight-hour life-cycle costs than competitors. It can be fitted for anti-tank, air-to-air combat, ground support and training missions, and also is used in the utility transportation role.

“We have persevered in this extended competition because Eurocopter truly believes the AS550 C3 Fennec is best suited for India’s reconnaissance and surveillance helicopter missions, and offers an optimum solution that is in the country’s best interest,” Ducrot explained.

Eurocopter’s Naval Panther responds to the Indian Coast Guard’s upcoming purchase of ship-based light/medium helicopters, as well as the Indian Navy’s anticipated acquisition of utility helicopters. Service-proven at high availability rates with many of the world’s naval forces and coast guard services, the Naval Panther offered to India is the AS565 MBe version with improved performance.

The AS565 MBe Naval Panther is an all-weather, multi-role light helicopter tailored for operations from ship decks, offshore platforms and land bases, with demonstrated capabilities to cover the entire range of Indian Navy and Coast Guard mission requirements – including  maritime surveillance, search and rescue, offshore patrolling and counter-terrorism, casualty evacuation and vertical replenishment.

For the Indian Coast Guard’s expected competition to acquire shore-based helicopters, Eurocopter’s twin-engine EC725 offers a proven rotorcraft based on the Super Puma/Cougar family. With its all-weather capability, range, heavy-lift capacity and complete systems package, the EC725 delivers the combat search and rescue (CSAR) performance required by India.

Eurocopter’s subsidiary in India has been expanding its footprint across the country with maintenance centers and operations in key cities including New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.


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