DCI Opens a Representative Office in Singapore

20.02.2013 Asia
DCI opens a representative office in Singapore

DCI opens a representative office in Singapore

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DCI confirmed its development on an international level at IDEX by announcing the opening of a new representative office in Singapore.

A service provider with activities on the entire spectrum of defense and security, DCI shows its intention to reinforce its trade activities in the area, provide a local base and be closer to its Asian customers.

Since September 2012, Malaysia has entrusted DCI with the creation of its submariners' school on Borneo Island. DCI is also active in several South-East Asian countries within the scope of services for training or assistance to contracting authorities and consulting linked to equipment life-cycle management.

Besides the Asian continent, DCI already has a network of offices in the Middle-East, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

“The opening of this office is an excellent opportunity for DCI”, underlined Jean-Louis Rotrubin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DCI.

“Singapore is in a major geographic position for South-East Asia and Oceania. This new local entity will accelerate DCI's development in the area,” he added.

Created in 1972, DCI is an intermediate sized service company, in which the French government is the concurring shareholder. As an operator in the transfer of Ministry of Defense know-how, DCI proposes services, to foreign countries, based on a capability approach. This approach consists in providing an operational capability and not merely accompanying equipment sales. Within this scope, the core of its activity concerns training engineering, in the academic, operational and technical fields, but DCI also proposes requirement definition, maintenance or support services.

Lastly, DCI and its subsidiaries have been partners of the French Armed Forces for 10 years within the scope of service contracts and are endeavoring to extend their activities to European Union countries.


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