Nexter Group at Defexpo India 2014 Exhibition

06.02.2014 Asia
Nexter Group at DEFEXPO India 2014 Exhibition

Nexter Group at DEFEXPO India 2014 Exhibition

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From 6-9 February 2014, Nexter Group is displaying a wide range of products on its booth at the 8th DEFEXPO exhibition taking place in New Delhi, India.

Nexter Systems is showcasing the CAESAR® (photo), the combat proven 155mm/52 Caliber mounted gun system that it proposes to the Indian Army for the MGS program, but also mock-ups of the VBCI, our 8x8 IFV, the TITUS®, a new 6x6 versatile vehicle, and the ARAVIS®, a highly protected 4x4.

Guns and turrets are also an important part of Nexter’s offer to the Indian Forces, that is why the 20mm caliber guns range (NARWHAL®, 15A, ARX20 and POD NC621) are also on display.

Nexter Munitions is presenting its entire range of ammunition from medium to high caliber.

Nexter equipment is represented by some of the most innovative products from its subsidiaries: Nexter Mechanics with Syegon®, the Central Tire Inflation System, and Safepro®, the protected seat; NBC-Sys and its protection systems against NRBC threats; Nexter Electronics (electronics for extreme and combat conditions); Nexter Robotics (land and air-land robots) with the NERVA® robot on dynamic presentation; Optsys (optomechanical and optoelectronic systems).

Nexter applies its expertise in land defense systems to meet the needs of the French Army and other forces internationally. The scope of its business includes the supply of weapons systems and munitions for Army, Air Force, Navy and law enforcement applications.

The range of products offered by Nexter includes: Artillery systems CAESAR®, TRAJAN and, 105LG, Leclerc main battle tank, VBCI Infantry combat vehicle, ARAVIS® highly protected armored vehicle, TITUS®, Nexter new armored 6x6, BONUS smart ammunition, all backed up by customer service, support and recycling.

In 2012, Nexter reported revenue of Euros 742 million, of which 18% were allocated to Research & Development.


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